Kunstpodium T reopens! From Friday 17 July onwards, we will be open again on our regular visiting hours.

The exhibition Verborgen Verwantschappen can be visited until Sunday 9 August 2020.

Visit the exhibition at Kunstpodium T
from 17 July to 9 August 2020
Friday to Sunday from 13.00 to 17.00

Verborgen Verwantschappen (hidden similarities – freely to Rudy Kousenbroek) is the title of the exhibition in Kunstpodium T, from 16 July to 9 August. 

The title refers to the walks that the four of us have made over the previous years (and that we shall take together later). From walks in nature, here at estate Baest, to walks on the ‘workfloor of the contemporary art platforms’; such as Art Rotterdam and Museum De Pont, to the walk through the intimate rooms at the collector’s home, to the workshops; our studios and my stained glass studio. During the walk there is a pleasant balance of the casual look and the concentrated conversation. In addition, unsuspecting similarities arose concerning ideas and mission of artistry and it turned out that we are all on the same page, despite difference in age and position. 

One of these idea-similarities in everybody’s belief in a fruitful cross-pollination of (solitary) artistry and a second profession or craft. 

However, a visible similarity is the collaboration in the studios between the four of us. The first steps have been taken on paper and passed on to another. In this way multiple works were made (often also in the form of a diptych or triptych), in which we have added a new stanza by using these verses, which will also rhyme in everybody’s own work. 

The ‘online exhibition’ will not show the work itself, which will be presented live, but will show something about our meetings on the workfloor.


16 November 2019 First meeting studio Marc Mulders, Estate Baest

23 December 2019 Studio Pleun Moons, Maastricht

25 January 2020 Studio Christina de Korte, Utrecht

15 February 2020 Studio Jet Pronk, Tilburg

15 February 2020 Visit de Pont, Tilburg

6 March 2020 Glasatelier (glass studio), ’s-Hertogenbosch 

6 March 2020 Visit art collector and Sint-Jan cathedral, ’s-Hertogenbosch

3 June 2020 Gathering estate Baest

3 June 2020 Gathering estate Baest