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Every year Kunstpodium T invites a Yearmaster that curates the list of selection for the Apprentice Master project. The managing director and Yearmaster select the Masters and pair them with the selected Apprentices. The groups are formed based on portfolios and a video presentation the Apprentices make before the start of the season. In forming the groups, work process, artistic discipline and subject matter are taken into account. The groups challenge each other, question each other and show the diversity of the visual arts. 


Previous Yearmasters

Niek Hendrix | 2019/2020
Danielle Lemaire | 2018/2019
Niels Post | 2017/2018
Kees Koomen | 2016/2017
Thom Puckey | 2014/2015/2016
Karin van Pinxteren | 2013/2014
Iris Bouwmeester | 2012/2013
Stijn Peeters | 2011/2012
René Korten | 2010/2011
Michael de Kok | 2009/2010
Guido Geelen | 2008/2009

Yearmaster 2020/2021: Anya Janssen

Those who see the paintings of Anya Janssen, thinks about cinema: Her elusive, ambiguous images look like scenes from a movie that is vaguely familiar to us, but of which we have forgotten the plot. Janssen does not want to tell a clearly defined story or capturing a fleeting moment, but rather to touch upon the unknowable world that hides behind the perceptible. Underneath the virtuously painted surface of her paintings, she makes an unstable reality tangible, where everything undergoes an ongoing metamorphosis. A world that does not confine to the symbolic order or language, and where living and liveless, good and evil, blossom and decay, present and past are not contradictions but manifestations of the same thing. A reality that stays hidden for us, but of which we can catch a glimps through the aesthetic persuasiveness of her work. 

– Harma Heikens, 2020


Kunstpodium T recognises and supports art talent with exchange of knowledge and experiment.

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