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Every year Kunstpodium T invites a Yearmaster that curates the list of selection for the Apprentice Master project. The managing director and Yearmaster select the Masters and pair them with the selected Apprentices. The groups are formed based on portfolios and a video presentation the Apprentices make before the start of the season. In forming the groups, work process, artistic discipline and subject matter are taken into account. The groups challenge each other, question each other and show the diversity of the visual arts. 


Previous Yearmasters

Yasser Ballemans | 2021/2022
Anya Janssen | 2020/2021 
Niek Hendrix | 2019/2020
Danielle Lemaire | 2018/2019
Niels Post | 2017/2018
Kees Koomen | 2016/2017
Thom Puckey | 2014/2015/2016
Karin van Pinxteren | 2013/2014
Iris Bouwmeester | 2012/2013
Stijn Peeters | 2011/2012
René Korten | 2010/2011
Michael de Kok | 2009/2010
Guido Geelen | 2008/2009

Yearmaster 2022/2023: Mickey Yang

Mickey Yang about her focus for this season: ‘I was allowed to accomplish my finest and most valuable projects in project spaces where I was trusted, given time and space to test out ideas, and felt unlimited artistic freedom.
Unfortunately, experimental project spaces that encourage this are becoming increasingly rare. As a Yearmaster, I want to give starting artists the opportunity to make their spaces completely their own in a surprising way.’

Mickey Yang (b.1988) is a multidisciplinary artist, living and working in The Hague, who creates immersive multimedia installations consisting of objects, videos and performances. Often, her installations come to life: the sculptures move, vibrate and rotate, frequently synchronous with narrative elements such as video and sound. Her practice explores image representation, astonishment, mass culture, the subjective experience of our collective memory and the search for material culture and (traditional) craftsmanship. Yang works with bronze, aluminium and plastic, using laborious processes such as moulding and casting – techniques which are global and universal, used throughout history and across cultures. Using these materials, she plays with stereotypical notions of what art should look like, challenging that almost religious veneration for a finished piece.

Her practice is underscored by a philosophy and approach towards materials, processes and learning that is not oriented towards western culture alone. The daughter of Singaporean-Chinese immigrants, her split cultural identity often informs her work. Most recently, she has turned towards her Asian heritage and delved into Asian philosophies and spiritual practices, as well as the origin of Chinese characters.

Humour and optimism are key to her work. By applying the same manipulative strategies used by the media and commercial advertising, she attempts to make us change the way we see things, having us rediscover a playful innocence. She calls herself a friendly manipulator.

Recent exhibitions include: KM21, Den Haag (2022), Kunsthalle Osnabrück (2021), P/////akt, Amsterdam (2019) 

Photo: Jeanne van Jeannette Slütter, Temet studio
© Images courtesy of SCHUNCK Museum



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