Talenthub Inversie

Talenthub Inversie: Autonomous visual arts

Inversie guids visual artists to an independent artistic practise. Inversion means: turning the normal order upside down. Not every art practise follows the same guidelines and not every art form is sellable. Talenthub Inversie is there for artists and art forms that don’t fit the conventional molds. Performance art, socially engaged work or installation art are a few examples. We are there for you and help you with a stronger  geëngageerd werk of installatiekunst: het zijn slechts een aantal voorbeelden. Wij zijn er voor jou en helpen je bij een sterkere profiling as autonomous artist. 

Inversie is part of  TalentHub Brabant and is a collaboration between TAC (Temporary Art Centre), Kunstpodium T and Witte Rook.



During fifteen months, every organisation will take on the role as mentor by guiding about six talents. Through individual talks the organisations offer support and their knowledge, network and facilities. Central in all of this is the artist himself. Together with a mentor they develop their own person development plan, based on a baseline measurement performed by Kunstloc Brabant. This measurement gives insight into the development needs and chances for the artists in the fields of artistic quality, entrepreneurship and professional attitude. Together we will make sure that these goals are met and a stronger position as professional artist is being developed. 

Talenthub Inversie starts begin March 2020 until May 2021.


For more information about Inversie you can email Anneke Cotrotsos, project leader Inversie:

Participating organisations

TAC (Temporary Art Centre) te Eindhoven is a place for art and talent development in Eindhoven. TAC offers eighty work rooms and studios for starting profesiional artists from different disciplines and programs exhibitions, lectures, workshops and a music program. TAC stimulates and make the artists’ own initiative possible that come from self organisation to presentation. In this TAC puts emphasis on professional attitude at the beginning of the projects and collaborations. The WHAT question comes at the beginnen of the collaboration:  WHAT is the project, WHAT is the goal and WHAT and who need to be reached.

Open call for application is now closed. Selection will take place beginning of February and is presented end of February. 

Witte Rook Breda operates as an online and offline platform that focuses on the written word, the authentic image and artistic processes. As residency Witte Rook offers short and long work periods for reflection, research and production. The online platform offers inspiration, exchange of knowledge and supports the actual and researching form of the contemporary artistic practise by publications and online visibility. Witte Rook researches the WHY together with artists: which processes are necessart for the reflective aspects of the art practise and positioning?
In its projects Kunstpodium T makes visible HOW the network and cultural infrastructure are interwoven and HOW starting artists can find their place in this. 
Kunstpodium T recognises and supports art talent with exchange of knowledge and experiment.
Postal and visiting address: 
Noordstraat 105
5038 EH Tilburg

Open Friday to Sunday
from 13.00 to 17.00