Matters of Spirit - Spirits of Matter

All matter finds itself in a state: solid, liquid, gaseous. People live in states too: stressed, calm, energized, crying, asleep. The concept of this exhibition brings those together, by tracing networks of connectivity between the physical and conceptual, the body and spirit; to take upon a bolder exploration of who we are, what we are, and erasing the border between those two.

The experience of having a body can be both a grounded one and an alienating one. Are you it? Do you own it? What layers of your body constitute your actual self? Are fantasies, dreams, folklore, and songs a part of it? Are the inner molecular brewings and reactions part of our identities? Elements that our cells are assembled from have been here since the dawn of time. Do they remember it? Is it our memory too?

In this exhibition, @ralfkokke, @lisa_zakharova00, @jessicamarlieke, @alex_the_human__, and @chrissy_stavrou invite you to wander through a human body in different states and perspectives. They aim not to only dissect and examine, but to relate, to embody, and to care. Encompassing and mapping out stories, experiences and connections.

Datum: do 22 feb. t/m zo 17 mrt.