A/M #8 Trails of Terra

Locatie: Cas-co, Leuven (BE)
Datum: do 06 jun. t/m zo 30 jun.
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Trails of Terra arises from the process-based exchange between artists Filip Vervaet, Ster Borgman, Hannah Kiefmann, and Roeland Rooijakkers, initiated by Kunstpodium T. Sharing an interest in the interconnection between humans and their environment, these artists explore the crossovers between man-made and natural materials and processes in their work.

On this occasion, Off the Grid is transformed into a ‘landscape laboratory’, where these four distinct artistic practices meet and interact with each other and with Cas-co’s architecture. From June 6 to June 27, the OTG space will be populated by new works and other residue offering insight into their creation processes, often resembling alchemical transformations.