Yearmaster 2021/2022: Yasser Ballemans

Yasser Ballemans about his focus as Yearmaster of the Apprentice Master season 2021/2022: ‘For this project I invite artists to give space to imagination, play and generosity. To make materials and ideas your own and to look for things in places that you cannot access. To play with curiosity what leads to shared experiences, and to share generous strategies that make the unimaginable possible.’

Yasser Ballemans (Breda, 1981) is interested as a visual artist in the role of art in rituals, like parades, campfires, carnivals and memorials. He researches how ornaments, embellishments and ‘oldf-fashioned’ techniques can be used in a contemporary way. Monumental statues in the public space are among others in Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Nieuwegein, Utrecht and in the Palace of Justice in Arnhem.  

Ballemans has had several solo-exhibitions, at Museum de Fundatie (Heino), Onomatopee (Eindhoven), Park (Tilburg) and Gallery Joey Ramone (Rotterdam). In addition his work was shown in group exhibitions in a.o. China, Curaçao, England, France and South Korea. In the Netherlands he participated in group shows at a.o. Beeldhalwerk, SMBA, W139 and the Afrika Museum.

Next to his work as visual artists, Ballemans has worked as curator, entrepreneur, teacher and mediator in the artworld. He was involved as an advisor at TENT, as curator at Kunstvlaai, founder of exhibition platform KOP in Breda and was involved for years in the work of artist Jeanne van Heeswijk. He worked as a curator at a.o. Blauwe Huis and as producent and mediator for Freehouse and Face Your World.

Ballemans received his BFA in 2005 from art academy AKV/St. Joost (Breda), graduated in 2007 (MFA) at the Sandberg Institute (Amsterdam) and followed the Mr Miyagi Curators Master Class by Showroom MAMA Rotterdam in 2005.  

Yasser Ballemans lives and works in Amsterdam.

Yearmaster: ambassador of Apprentice Master

Every year Kunstpodium T invites a Yearmaster that curates the list of selection for the Apprentice Master project. The managing director and Yearmaster select the Masters and pair them with the selected Apprentices. The groups are formed based on portfolios and a video presentation the Apprentices make before the start of the season. In forming the groups, work process, artistic discipline and subject matter are taken into account. The groups challenge each other, question each other and show the diversity of the visual arts. 

In the selection of the Yearmasters we take the following criteria into account: artistic quality, a diverse selection in age, gender and background, and a network that suits the wishes, challenges and perceptions of the young artists. 

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