Season Highlights

In the exhibition Season Highlights, four groups of Apprentices of the current season Apprentice Master are selected to make an exhibition at the end of each season in one of the four rooms in Kunstpodium T. The managing director and Yearmaster choose the four groups that have challenged themselves the most, both artistically and personally, and have shown the value of the collectivity of the project. 

Over the past years, the prize has been awarded to individual Apprentices. The switch to groups was made in 2021. 

Judging during Season Highlights 2021 – looking at nominated group A/M #9 Cadavre Exquis

Previous winners Jan Naaijkensprize

 • 2021: A/M #2: Mo|nu|mentum: Britt van den Boogaard, Maud Faassen, Christy Westhovens, Tycho van Zomeren
• 2020: Melanie Maria
• 2019: Pieter Chanterie
• 2018: Yoel Pytowski
• 2017: Nuni Weisz
• 2016: Ans Mertens
• 2015: Rudolf Samohejl
• 2014: Juan Pablo Plazas

winner Jan Naaijkensprize 2021 – A/M #2, previously exhibited in Mo|nu|mentum at Omstand, Arnhem, now with their show (nooit meer alleen) in Season Highlights 2021

Jan Naaijkensprijs

Connected to the exhibition Season Highlights is the Jan Naaijkensprize: a prize for the preservation of artistic talent in Brabant and since 2014 connected to the Apprentice Master project. During the opening of Season Highlights, an independent jury announces one of the groups as the winner. The jury consists of diverse professionals from the art world. In 2021 the members of the jury were Ian Skirvin (artist, former Apprentice and nominee 2018/2019), Merel van den Nieuwenhof (conservator Museum Jan Cunen Oss) and Simone Kol (curator Galerie Bart Amsterdam & Nijmegen). 

Kunstpodium T recognises and supports art talent with exchange of knowledge and experiment.

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