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3 t/m 20 december 2020
Raamzijde Kunstpodium T 

period. by roze meike

period. is an ongoing visual work which started in 2018 and will probably end when i stop having my period. the artwork consists of a collection of analog self portraits, taken on both 35 and 120 mm film.

making art is often a healing experience for me, since it makes me focus on creating something and by getting into that zone, it grounds me. whenever my period starts i can hardly move and taking self portraits is a way of keeping myself sane in a time where my entire body (including my mind) hurts.

i find information and inspiration about this topic through my own experience, talking to others and through theory based research. my practice is shaped by reading and exploring topics such as the importance of self representation, how to work towards equity in the art world, radical self love and Afrofuturism. 

i use myself in my art because i don’t often recognise myself in the “mainstream art world” and i want to change this for the generations to come. this series is a way of giving representation to other young Black people who bleed, i’m making our own representation and i want to inspire others to do the same… period.

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