Day of the Young Artist: The Art of Engagement

Curator Helena Julian
If increased globalization challenges us to engage, how can we fully commit to this task? Anno 2023, intersectional issues of socio-political and environmental justice are not only urgent, they are undeniably at the core of what our current society represents. We turn to art to reimagine the world at large. As seismographs of a societal pulse, artists dare to explore what has been hidden, how societies can interact, and how we can envision alternative futures. For the emerging artist, a delicate act of positioning yourself between autonomy and commitment takes place. This balancing act becomes art itself; the art of engagement. The 2023 edition of the Day of the Young Artist explores this challenge, dares to look at its pitfalls, and celebrates the ways in which we can deeply connect to our global context.

On Thursday 30 March the Day of the Young Artist 2023 takes places; a day dedicated to starting talent in the arts. This day offers a cross-border program in which the dialogue between starting artists and the professional field is central. This symposium is in English, with several activities taking place in Dutch.
The program consists of several panel talks, discussions and workshops by Quinsy Gario, Flavia Dzodan, Magali Elali, Julius Thissen and Selma Selman, among others.

programma bestaat uit verschillende panelgesprekken, discussies, 1 op 1 gesprekken en workshops van onder andere Quinsy Gario, Flavia Dzodan, Magali Elali, Julius Thissen en Selma Selman.

You can sign up for 1-on-1 15 min conversation:
-Carmen Muskee of Mondriaanfonds
-Ben Wiegman of Cultuur + Ondernemen
-Jeannette Slütter & Harriet Morley of Platform BK
-Lotte Geeven of Dutch Culture | Trans Artists.
You can sign up by emailing Be quick, there’re only 20 spots.

Ticket info:
– The ticket includes a vegan meal in the evening which will be offered to you at the location.
– International and having issues ordering your ticket? Contact us via

The Day of the Young Artist is organised by Kunstpodium T, Inversie and jump! and takes place at De Pont museum, Wilhelminapark 1 Tilburg. The day is curated by Helena Julian.


Program Day of the Young Artist 2023

Lecture by Quinsy Gario on his artistic practice.

Block 1
-Lecture by Flavia Dzodan.
-Panel discussion (art)critique and writing: with Alix de Massiac (Metropolis M) and Laure van den Hout (Mister Motley).
-Panel discussion with representatives from galleries, project spaces, residencies: with Diego Diez (diez gallery), Alicja Melzacka (Jester), Inez Piso (Hotel Maria Kapel), Julienne Tullemans (De Cacaofabriek).


Block 2
-Panel discussion with artists balancing autonomy and engagement: with Benjamin Francis, Esther Kokmeijer, Julius Thissen and Mickey Yang.
-Panel discussion funding and support for emerging artists Carmen Muskee (Mondriaan Fonds),  Jeannette Slütter & Harriet Morley (Platform BK), Ben Wiegman (Cultuur + Ondernemen), Lotte Geeven (Dutch Culture | Trans Artists)
-Workshop ‘Being an artist: what society thinks I do, what I do & what I should be doing’, By The Artist and the Others


Block 3
-Panel discussion with curators & organizers: curating in context: with Katayoun Arian (independent), Leana Boven (Casco Art Institute), Magali Elali (The Constant Now) and Riet van Gerven (SEA Foundation)
Workshop ‘Building Mind, Building Matter(s)’ By YAFF
One on one conversation with Carmen Muskee (Mondriaan Fonds),  Jeannette Slütter & Harriet Morley (Platform BK), Ben Wiegman (Cultuur + Ondernemen), Lotte Geeven (Dutch Culture | Trans Artists)

-Performance by Selma Selman

Picture 2019 by Almicheal Fraaij.

Take a look at the aftermovie by Astrid & Roel of Day of the Young Artist 2019!

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