Day of the Young Artist: a day dedicated to young talent

Kunstpodium T yearly organises the Day of the Young Artist in collaboration with Museum De Pont in Tilburg. This day offers an interdisciplinary program in which the dialogue between new artists, art academies and the professional art world is central. What is the artist’s identity and what is his role in today’s art world and society? 

Day of the Young Artist took place in 2019 on Monday 16 September in Museum de Pont, curated by Tim Roerig. 


Manifest for the Young Artist

At the beginning of Day of the Young Artist 2018, Lara Staal read her manifesto for the young artist. This manifesto can be read back below. 

Picture by Almicheal Fraaij.

Take a look at the aftermovie by Astrid & Roel of Day of the Young Artist 2019!

Kunstpodium T recognises and supports art talent with exchange of knowledge and experiment.
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