Apprentice Master
Art talent never stops

Apprentice Master is a project by Kunstpodium T in which newly graduated artists pair up with experienced artists and dive together into the project for one year. They regularly get together and share ideas and experiences about their artistic practise.

This collaboration between Apprentices and Master eventually results in exhibition that are open to the public. These take place both at Kunstpodium T and at other satellite locations.

The exhibition Season Highlights closes each season: an overview of four nominated groups of Apprentices. Linked to this is the Jan Naaijkensprize.

Yearmaster 2021/2022: Yasser Ballemans

Each year Kunstpodium T invites an artist as ambassador and guest curator of the Apprentice Master project: the Yearmaster. In 2021/2022 we welcome Yasser Ballemans as Yearmaster!

Read more about the Yearmaster here

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More about Apprentice Master

Yearmaster: ambassador of Apprentice Master

Season Highlights and the Jan Naaijkensprijs

Archive: previous seasons

Exhibition dates 2022

A/M # 1 Every Bird Sings
21 Jan – 13 Feb
Polina Shuvalova
Angel-Rose Oedit Doebé
Hannah Ox
Mickey Yang

A/M # 2 World Receiver
11 Mrt – 20 Mrt
Antonino De Caro
Laila Saber Rodriguez
Niels Roest
Richard Kofi

A/M #3 Tuesday path
24 Mar – 10 Apr
Annelotte Lammerts
Hagar Schuringa
Miriam Hup
Hussel Zhu
Dorien de Wit

A/M #4 IMAGINING the possibilities of life in future LANDSCAPES
21 Apr – 8 Mei
Emma van Amerongen
Anika Hochstenbach
Annette Kombrink
Beatrice Pittman
Eylem Aladogan

A/M #5 EI/IJ/Y
23 Apr – 7 Mei
Mauri Loots
Robert Lombarts
Edwin de Klein
Tim Breukers
Dante van Elburg

A/M #6 Junk Playground, A Parable of Anarchy
12 Mei – 5 Jun
Eirik Jahnsen
Jaojao Li
Jelle van Kuilenburg
Michelle van Ketwich
Arthur Stokvis & Bonno van Doorn

A/M # 7
9 Jun – 3 Jul
Eliisa Loukola
Ida Leijting
Lena Longefay
Tianyi Zheng
Bart Stuart & Klaar van der Lippe

A/M # 8
26 Jun – 17 Jul
Barbara Schouten
Mizuki Kimura
Sjors Smit
Wieneke Bremer
Jasper Griepink

A/M #9
30 Jun – 23 Jul
Hannah Meijer
Ine Desmet
Isamo Thissen
Luke McCowan
Sachi Miyagi

A/M #10
Ulrike Pittomvils
Julia Hooy
Aydee Derix
Raquel van Haver

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