Peer Critic Tilburg

In the autumn of 2018 Kunstpodium T started a peer critique group, consisitend of professionl artists from different disciplines and other art and culture professionals, that get together on a regular basis to talk about each other’s work. This group arose from the need from many artists to get deep and artistic feedback about their work. Together with artist Jeroen Offerman, that previously started the peer critique group The Attic in Eindhoven, Kunstpodium T started a similar group in 2018 to meet the demands from these artists.

The group consists of twelve to fifteen people. They get together about once a month to talk about one work from each artist per time. The aim of each conversation is to go in-depth about what can be seen: judgements of value are being avoided, background information is being omitted and the artist does not give any information about the work for the first half hour. The group is being formed by Kunstpodium T to ‘match’ the participants. The more diverse the group, the better: ideas that clash, opposite artistic media and abrasive opinions are being encouraged. By seeking these tensions in the participants and their ways of thinking, opinions and experience, the borders of one’s thinking are constantly being pushed and the artist whose work is being discussed gets new information that is outside their comfort zone or knowledge. By this, the spectrum of interpretation is being widened as far as possible about how the work can be interpreted. The artist can put this into practise later.

Moderator Jeroen Offerman looks back on the first season Peer Critic Tilburg:

‘What became obvious is that the group valued this thing the most: the part of the session where the maker kept quiet and the others analysed and discussed the work. For many it was a new things to hear so many new interpretations of their work in about an hour and being able to discuss this afterwards. Another important thing: really taking the time to talk two hours about somebody’s work: when was the last time you did that? It didn’t even have to be your own work, but the fact that once every month your thoughts are being sharpened by thinking about art for a long time with a group. Another important thing was getting familiar with a group of people and being vulnerable in front of them. Or; creating a network, but also relations that are stronger than just professional.’

Kunstpodium T recognises and supports art talent with exchange of knowledge and experiment.

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