Our Apprentice Master exhibitions continue online. Each group will present the result of their collaboration on our website and social media. These presentations will be on show for two weeks per group. 

From 25 May to 7 June 2020 Nathalie Hartjes, Diana Gheorghiu, Lola Safari and Yung Nora present ‘Miranda’. 
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Dates: Saturday 30 May – 7 June 2020

via www.kunstpodium-t.com

A mysterious beauty hidden away on a secret island by her eccentric wizard father? A Millenial who dreamt she was a woman? A tourist doing a photoshoot in front of the door to her heritage? A responsible young woman seeking stability and an occasional outlet?

Perhaps, An elegant face influenced by The Aldine, Miranda brings classic sophistication to any project. The family includes regular, bold, naïve, informed, witty, sarcastic and nostalgic traits.

Opening, Friday, 29 May, 5 pm, via Zoom

With a screening of Aluminum Hat by Lola Safari and a performance by Yung Nora.

Dress code: Green with an aquamarine twist (accessories count).

Advice to have a printer and scissors ready!

Kunstpodium T recognises and supports art talent with exchange of knowledge and experiment.

Postal and visiting address: 
Noordstraat 105
5038 EH Tilburg

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• continues online! •