Artists of Color
3 t/m 20 december 2020
Raamzijde Kunstpodium T 

This music video is the sequel of Rendez-vous 1, also hosted by Medci. The producer duo Medici brings hiphop artists from different subgenres and areas together on a track. On Rendez-vous 2 they brought together artists Brunzyn, Dentalhon, Tisci London, Flansie and Lewis. Everything is shot in neighborhoods specifically chosen by the artists themselves so that what the viewer sees is a direct translation of what the artists live like
AWAKE is a society inspired fashion collection by Rik Westerman. In this short film we metaphorically show the inspiration for the pieces. With a mix of both audio and visual expressions we portray the misery our world is ruled by, intensified by multimedia, assimilated in clothing pieces.
A triple movie for three different songs performed by artist Nathan Ginero. With this work we tried to depict the feeling of coming out of a bad trip. You wake up and then, when you think it’s all over, it appears you still did not escape. The wake up you experienced is merely an illusion and you realise you’re still trapped in an inescapable void.
FOLLOW THE WHITE RABBIT is a short film inspired by The Matrix. In The Matrix, the white rabbit the protagonist is following is his unsettling intuition (“a splinter in your mind, driving you mad”) that something is wrong with his world. Eventually he goes through a figurative hole when the truth is revealed to him. This short film was used as promotion for the INDIGO exhibition 2019 at the Open Space Contemporary Art Museum in Amsterdam.

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