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ARTpart is the accessible, free helpdesk of Kunstpodium T where professional, young artists can go to with all their questions, both artistically and entrepreneurial. By our personal approach, broad knowledge, experience and network ARTpart is a perfect opportunity to help the young artists take the next steps in their career. 

Our mission and vision

 Kunstpodium T exists to facilitate talent development in the visual arts. ARTpart ties in with this and has been brought to life to transfer knowledge to the young artists in the field of cultural entrepreneurship. There is room for artistic development and feedback, and creating an environment where motivation, network and inspiration are stimulated. 

In the future ARTpart wants to increase the number of young artists with a successful career in the artworld. We work towards this by giving artists the opportunity to share their questions in a personal, safe environment and work towards a solution together. ARTpart’s approach is not to do the work for them, but rather with them, to stimulate entrepreneurship in these artists and give them tools to do it themselves in the future. 

Peer critic session during Do it Together, the kick off activity of ARTpart in March 2018.

Peer Critic sessions

In autumn 2018 ARTpart has started a peer critic group, consisting of professional artists from different disciplines and other art professionals that get together on a regular basis to deeply discuss each other’s work. This group is the result from the growing demand from artists for in-depth peer feedback. At the moment, Kunstpodium T organises a peer critic group every other year. This group is chosen and curated by Kunstpodium T. 

More information about the Peer Critic sessions can be found here.

Want to work with us?

In addition to chats with individual makers, ARTpart is also open to other collaborations with for instance art academies, cultural platforms or businesses. Are you interested in working with us? Send us an email at artpart [at] kunstpodium-t [dot] com

Summer School 2020 in collaboration with The Artist and the Others

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