Artists of Color
3 t/m 20 december 2020
Raamzijde Kunstpodium T 

Meilin Oomes (20) studies Textiles at Sint Lucas Eindhoven. The Textile study is divided into two disciplines: hats and textiles. Her work is diverse and experimental. In the future she would like to do an internship in Japan to learn the traditional way of textile painting.

The misshaped strawberry

This dishcloth belongs to my grandparents bakery. So you can see usage wear. I made a composition with misshapen strawberries. I placed them individual in the squares, as happens with people in society. The caterpillars and earthworms makes the composition more fun. It looks almost like a game. Have a bit of fun! Don’t take it too seriously. You don’t want to get too grumpy.


Craftmanship hatmaker. Every hat is made by a different technique. 

Textile experiments

These textile samples are all embroideries. Some are in combination with a laser technique. My goal was to experiment with textures, materials and yarns. 


This tapestry is a woven illustration. The illustration is made by hand on paper. The tapestry is made on a machinal loom at the Textile Museum.   


interpertation of chemicals that creep into the ground.  

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