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Talenthub Inversie: Autonoom beeldende kunst

About Inversie
Inversie guides talented young visual artists who graduated two to five years ago – and are connected to Brabant – in the transition from the academy to a versatile professional practice. For ten months, artists who place their field of work outside the regular frameworks of the art world are guided in their artistic development and appropriate entrepreneurship. Inversie stands for reversing the ordinary order and also dares to go off the beaten track in search of innovative methods that suit the art and the artist. The strength of Inversie lies in the personal guidance, group bonding and substantive deepening, with which a foundation for self-confidence is laid in combination with workshops and expert meetings. Inversion works in the program with various partners in the arts in Brabant such as Kunstpodium T, Willem Twee Kunstruimte, Witte Rook, Stedelijk Museum Breda, TAC and Graphic Atelier Den Bosch.

Inversion has a trajectory in 2023: Inversion #3, and in 2024: Inversion #4. Selection is made for both years via this open call with the possibility of a partly entry. Each trajectory lasts 10 months: Inversion #3 is from March through December 2023 and Inversion #4 is from February through November 2024.



Open Call Talenthub Inversie
Are you as an artist connected with Brabant? Are you ambitious and do you want to invest in the artistic and practical development of your professional practice? Then you may be eligible for Inversie, a talent development program in Noord-Brabant for visual artists. Inversie is a short-term program that focuses on young or starting talents up to five years after graduation who have specific development questions in their practice. From December 15, 2022, to January 29, 2023, you can register at Inversion via this open call.

How does it work
You can register by sending an e-mail to sanne@inversie.nu with your CV, your portfolio and a motivation. After the deadline we will check in February whether your application is complete. You will receive a message from us in mid-February whether you are in the first selection, after which selection interviews will be scheduled. We will finalize the selection at the end of February and start the first activity in March 2023. Of course, you can always send an e-mail if you have any questions.



  • Graduated two to five years
  • Living or working in Brabant, or a connection with Brabant
  • A proven autonomous and artistic practice
  • A proven investigative or experimental work attitude
  • Spend at least two days a week on your practice
  • Available to participate in all parts of the program
  • Willing to share knowledge and be a part of the group
  • Insightful ambitions for the short and long term


Your application for Inversion or consists of:

  • Your motivation in which you explain why Inversion is urgent for you to participate. In this you indicate as clearly and specific as possible what your development questions are, what your ambition is, your artistic vision, how active you are within your practice or the arts and why you want to participate. Please note, Inversie has two tracks, so clearly indicate which year you want to participate.
  • Your CV with a relevant selection and your full details including website and social media links.
  • Your portfolio with visual material and, if applicable, links to audiovisual material, provided with title, year, material, context, partners or collaboration and a short substantive explanation.

    One OPEN CALL, two development trajectories

    From December 15, 2022 to January 29, 2023, jump! and Inversie will jointly scout talented artists who live, work or have a demonstrable connection in Brabant. Both jump! and Inversie offer a pathway for visual artists with the difference that Inversie is a short-term program focused on young or starting talent up to five years after graduation and jump! is aimed at artists active for four years or more. You can apply to Inversie or jump! by sending an e-mail to the appropriate hub with your CV, portfolio and a motivation.

    Checklist Inversie:
    * Deadline: Sunday 29 January 23:59
    * To apply at Inversie: sanne@inversie.nu
    * Edition: 2023 or 2024 (indicate for which year you want to apply for).
    * Motivation: maximum 1000 words
    * CV: supply as PDF maximum 3 A4 and not smaller than font size 10.
    * Portfolio: supply as 1 PDF maximum 10 A4 and no larger than 20MB.

    For developing talent and getting started professionally, the TalentHub program was set up by the Province of North Brabant. In the TalentHub, talents selected by the sector itself receive tailored support through a network of festivals, venues, presentation institutions and various organizations. Whether it is a hub for music, theater, dance, literature, design or visual arts, the talent is always central.


    Kunstpodium T herkent en ondersteunt kunsttalent met kennisuitwisseling en experiment.
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