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februari 2016

Apprentice/Master seizoen 2015-2016 Expositie #12 De/Structured

25 februari, 2016 - 13 maart, 2016
Backlit Gallery Nottingham, Alfred House, Ashley Street
Nottingham, NG3 1JG Verenigd Koninkrijk
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Master: Danica Maier’s Krista Smulders (MST)  Ricardo van Eyck (UT)  Linde Boelen (HST)  Gregor Rozman (LJUB)  Roos Tulen (RO)    De/Structured brings together a diverse group of artists from different countries within Europe who have never worked together before. Using different starting points, each artist is coming to the exhibition space with a collection of materials, paints and objects found on route through their travels to site. Experimentally working with ideas of serendipity the artists will create site specific installations…

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maart 2016

Apprentice/Master seizoen 2015-2016 Expositie #14 Just pretending

10 maart, 2016 - 27 maart, 2016
Kunstpodium T Tilburg, Noordstraat 105
Tilburg, North-Brabant 5038 EH Nederland
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Master: Marianne Theunissen Bethany Elmer  Alexis Niemeijer  Elise Maslow  Judith Frissen    We should never forget that the world challenges our perception of reality. We discover the potential of the ordinary due to the strength of our imagination. We expand the width of our imagination by allowing ourselves to pretend.    Our need to escape or make sense of the unknown permeates our everyday lives; the fairy tale, the absurd, and the impossible do exist and are essential.   Marianne…

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mei 2016

Apprentice/Master seizoen 2015-2016 Expositie #22 No maps for these territories

6 mei, 2016 - 22 mei, 2016
Vlaams Cultuurhuis De Brakke Grond, Nes 45
Amsterdam, 1012 KD Nederland
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Master: Alex Verhaest Apprentices:  Jorden Boulet (Hasselt) Bilen Kucukodabasi (Rotterdam) Dániel János Fodor (Budapest) Liu Tianyu (Xiamen) Dalibor Knapp (Prague) Rita Rodriquez (Vigo)

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