A/M #8 Ghost Reading

WEST Den Haag Lange Voorhout 102, Den Haag, Nederland

With: Apprentices Laszlo Goudman - Megan Hadfield - Marcos Kueh - Kenneth Moreno Kiernan Master Lennart Lahuis Curator Haris Giannouras Ghost Reading departs from a phenomenon in the early 20th century in which readers become writers (of ghost stories). This phenomenon can be defined as an early form of open-source text or collective writing and […]

A/M #9 Is there breath?

Kunstpodium T Tilburg Noordstraat 105, Tilburg, North-Brabant, Nederland

With: Apprentices Ewan McSorley - Jun Zhang - Loran van de Wier - Sarah Fokke Master Janina Frye Breath is the essence of vitality. It is the gentle rhythm that reminds us of our corporeal existence. It is the connection between our bodies and the world, an exchange of gases that sustains our being.  The […]