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A/M #7 Ludic Century

11 mei @ 7:00 pm - 28 mei @ 5:00 pm

Apprentices Alexander Jermilov – Benjamin Pompe – Wilbert Vogel

Master Natalia Jordanova

Within the exhibition format and through diverse aspects of life’s multiple realities, we reflect on the concept of gamification. In the age of play, gamified experiences replace traditional media. All we are confronting now is systematic, modular, customisable, and participatory. Alone and together, as a gamified walkthrough, we lead you through our take on possible gaming within an extensive world-building system.

Opening: Thursday 11 May 19h
Location: Kunstpodium T, Noordstraat 105, Tilburg
Open until: Sunday 28 May

Artist info:

• Alexander Jermilov (1995) – KABK Den Haag

Alexander Jermilovs practice delves into the dynamic intersection of technology and humanity in the digital age. Themes of change, cybernetics, confusion, and anxiety are at the forefront of his work as he explores the impact of digital capitalism on individuals and their sense of self. Through his sculptures, he aims to capture the existential struggle of the modern human as traditional narratives crumble and the need to narrate oneself becomes more pressing. His art invites viewers to reflect on the complexities of this rapidly evolving world and its impact on our identity and sense of belonging.

Alexander Jermilov – STARTPOINT PRIZE 2021

Benjamin Pompe (1997) – Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht (HKU)
Benjamin Pompe primarily works with digital media. His works often take on a physical form through 3D printing/sculpture, installation and performance. He investigates the position of the self in highly fictional spaces by creating imaginative scenes comprising different sources. By doing so, Benjamin reinterprets stories and tales with a contemporary lens, ultimately reflecting on the liquid state of the self in a technologically dominated world. The visual language of his work references and samples symbols of the online world and video games and connects to diverse historical narratives, artefacts, architecture and mythology. This collaged nature of production introduces a tension between tangible and virtual, as well as fact and fiction.

Misfortunes of ass and pony

benjamin pompe website

Wilbert Vogel (1995) – St. Joost Den Bosch
Their art is a glitch, in limbo,
falls in between…
In search for loopholes, and if they are not there,
loopholes will be created.
It wants to get out of something.
Exists in space as a somewhere in-between thing.
In a world that is not real but also not fully fictive.
Digital in the physical space, present and not present.
Is it satire?
Is it ironic?
Maybe it’s honest satire?
It is not binary!
It wants to exist outside and in between…simultaneously.
Their art is а glitch.



Natalia Jordanova (1991) – Sandberg Institute, Amsterdam
As part of an ever-developing quest for possible worlds, Natalia’s artistic practice is a subjective synthesis and material proposition of what defines the present moment.
She builds context-aware installations through her interdisciplinary approach and deployment of various practices. They translate materialities and study the sculptural possibilities in the exchangeability of the flat and 3-dimensional. Her work engages with the shift between digital and physical and weaves together narratives of past accumulations and future speculations. Through a historical, sociological and scientific framework, her practice asks about what it is to be human today in the interplay between natural and artificial beings, human and non-human agents. It investigates the condition defined by the relationship with technology, image and language mediation and the new understanding of materiality in the network-dominated age. Further, how recent progress alters emotionality and will affect human-to-human and human-to-machine communication in the foreseeable future.



11 mei @ 7:00 pm
28 mei @ 5:00 pm
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