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A/M #6 Tuning in: Letters and Matter and Landscapes

30 april @ 3:00 pm - 21 mei @ 5:00 pm

Fedrik Vaessen – Iver Uhre Dahl – Karla Paredes – Noa Zuidervaart

Master Marie Civikov

Beste allemaal,

Zes maanden lang hebben we brieven uitgewisseld die ons een gemeenschappelijke basis boden om werk te maken gebaseerd op een rijk archief van gedachten, verhalen, interesses, kennis, emoties, overtuigingen en twijfels.

So, what’s next for us? I made a machine do our work. “… nothing but horizontals, no
brightness: colorless space and dead life”. Verb (used with object), land·scaped,
land·scap·ing. But this book argues that this is old thinking.
I’d rather think slow than not at all.

To end this letter handwritten; I am very much looking forward to all we will experience,
write and do. I am looking more and more forward to our next meeting. “… we will have
this massive list of recommendations to consume!” Quickly off to the mailbox now.

Much Love,

Iver, Karla, Noa, Fedrik, Marie

PPS: I drew Sigur and the dragon holding hands and being friends.

Location: B32 Artspace Mariabastion 50, Maastricht
Sunday April 30 – 15:00h
On show until: Sunday May 21
Opening times: Saturday and Sunday 13-17h

Artist info:

• Fedrik Vaessen (1994) – St.Joost Breda

Fedrik Vaessen sees his works as organisms, bathing in fluids, which are intertwined with the manmade world. Beings and objects move through an ambiguous environment, they operate together and are a strange blend of the organic and mechanical. Within this imagery he finds elements, which he extracts and uses in his work. Vaessen searches for ‘found objects’ then drains them of their functionality and molds them into a new archetypical and cultural existence. He feeds his works and at some point these entities start feeding themselves. You can find traces in them, which suggest what they once were or what they might become in the future.
The assembling process of Vaessen consists of many substances, like machine components, horns, mystical ornaments, conduits, and wax-like matter. He finds new otherworldly forms through sketching and playing with materials. These explorations are fused into functionally-unknown sculptures with symbolic and science fiction undertones. With this he raises questions in a world where we want to control and think we can explain everything.


• Iver Uhre Dahl (1995) – Koninklijke Academie, Den Haag
Iver Uhre Dahl is a sculptor and painter whose work revolves around a sense of isolation. He communicates this using recognizable imagery, a form of everyday symbolism. This symbolism is intended to imply a metaphysical space. While often figurative, the works do not represent “real”
things, but rather the idea of the thing. Borrowing methods of presentation from for instance theatre, art history, and religion, he attempts to use the connotations related to conventional methods to communicate emotional settings. Iver primarily work with traditional techniques like woodcarving and layered painting, although he sometimes supplements his practice with performance, video and text.

• Karla Paredes de Krentel (1975) – Master Institute of Visual Cultures, AVK St. Joost
Karla’s work combines sculpture, paintings, videos and collected objects. These various practices converge in installations that mingle with the space in which she works, intervening in the current state or logic of a space and its components. She is interested in less tangible processes as the thin border in between the real and the imaginary, the emotional state of intuition and the existence of a subtle and affective relation between all components of our world. Therefore she focus into the sensorial qualities of her own body as device to explore the interactive energy between all bodies and the transformative potential that resides in this relation.


• Noa Zuidervaart (1999) – ArtEZ Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Zwolle

In his practice Noa investigates methods to capture the inexplicable and indescribable in images. Drawing always forms the starting point. After that, the work can take all kinds of forms: from publications to installations, from textiles to ceramics. For this he draws heavily on inexhaustible themes, such as death, mortality and rebirth, which have been endlessly depicted over time by different cultures and religions. These collective motifs are then reproduced and reinterpreted in his works as part of an age-old ritual; an effort to insert his own narratives into a broader human timeline. Two important beliefs form the basis of all of his works: everything is interrelated and things have no beginning or end. He is therefore inspired by magic, mysticism, spiritual traditions and the Analytical Psychology of Carl Gustav Jung.

• Marie Civikov (1979) – Willem de Kooning Academy Rotterdam
In my work, I connect my personal family history to ethical issues of descent, history,
ethnicity and family ties in both an (Eastern) European and Eurasian context. The voice of
my ancestors I bring to life on canvases that hang freely in space like relics, shaped as if
they can be worn over your shoulders like a shell from the past.


30 april @ 3:00 pm
21 mei @ 5:00 pm
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B32 Artspace
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