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A/M #4 Myspace

23 maart @ 7:00 pm - 9 april @ 5:00 pm

Apprentices Giorgia Lo Faso – Benjamin Schoones – Esmee van Zeeventer – Eline Boerma
Master Vytautas Kumža

(it came to my mind like the social media platform)



explores the symbolic parallel between domestic space and our ongoing processes.

Creating a common space for physical collaboration can be a challenging task, especially in today’s contemporary world where meetings often take place over video conferencing, phone lines can get cut off, and text can get lost on the internet.
To address these challenges, we have reimagined the building that houses Kunstopdium-T into several distinct domestic spaces, each representing the different characteristics that support shared methodologies of work.

has evolved to encompass not just the social spaces we inhabit, but also the inner world of our thoughts and emotions. This has led to the creation of a collective space for interaction, and reflection that ultimately develops new forms of artistic expression. By placing the domestic space at the forefront of investigation, the various languages of art can intertwine and interact with one another, culminating in a broad and all-encompassing display of visions and perspectives. This approach emphasizes the significance of the domestic sphere as a starting point, allowing for a more personal and intimate exploration.

A quiet space
that combines research with certain feelings and tendencies between suspended time, extrapolation, contemplation, and reimagination, to explore new ideas and paths.
You might encounter debris, memories of images, notes, bricks, crates, bulb lamps, and other resources that inspire and inform a certain process.

A works-in-progress
dimension as well as a more polished end defined space provides a glimpse into the mental and material elements that converge as we construct our scenario.

A Nonlinear time
by adopting five different practices, we have been trying to embrace multiple spaces and time frames simultaneously, instead of adhering to a linear concept of time.

has undergone a significant transformation, expanding beyond its original purpose as a social platform and becoming a multifaceted space for exploring individual needs and methodologies. In recent months, my / our space has played an instrumental role in reshaping working and studio spaces, providing a platform for individuals to reimagine their approach to ideas and languages and to showcase their work in an exhibition space. This has facilitated a common space, both physically and mentally, where individuals can come together to share ideas, collaborate and learn from each other.

Opening: Thursday 23 March 19h
Location: Kunstpodium T, Noordstraat 105, Tilburg
Open until: Sunday 9 April


23 maart @ 7:00 pm
9 april @ 5:00 pm
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Kunstpodium T | Apprentice Master
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