Kunstpodium T works together with several oraganisations. These collaborations expand the network and creates extra opportunities for the artists.

Museum De Pont

From the beginning, Kunstpodium T has worked together with museum De Pont in Tilburg.
Several Mastertalks are hosted in De Pont.

Vincents Tekenlokaal

In the project ‘De Nieuwe Vincent’ we work together with Vincents Tekenlokaal.
Vincents Tekenlokaal focuses on the pleasure of drawing and the stimulating of developing talent. They are situated in the old  Paleisraadhuis in Tilburg. This was the first location of the Koning Willem II college, the school where Vincent van Gogh received his first drawing lessons. There is drawn in a reconstruction of that classroom ánd on digital tablets. Vincents Tekenlokaal works by the Master/Apprentice aspect, which translates into the participation of artists and illustrators as masters in the project.



Noordbrabants Genootschap

Het Noordbrabants Genootschap kent jaarlijks de Jan Naaijkensprijs toe aan de beste Apprentice van het seizoen. Tevens kennen zij de Jan Naaijkensprijs Junior toe aan een van de deelnemers van De Nieuwe Vincent!



For our projects we intensively work together with TAC (Temporary Art Center) – Eindhoven
TAC is one of the main locations for the Apprentice Master project. A part of the exhibitions will take place in its so-called Master room.
TAC also acts as a counsellor for other projects and we’re currently researching other collaboration possibilities.


Guest locations

Every year we are guest in a number of locations.
Here we organise a few exhibition of the Apprentice Master project.
We value expanding our network and reaching a new audience by doing this.
Secondly, other exhibition rooms provide new possibilities and insights.

This season we have planned exhibitions at the following guest locations:
Moira Utrecht
Concordia Enschede
Expoplu Nijmegen


Mondriaan Fonds

The Mondriaan Fonds (Mondriaan Fund) has been a big supporter of the Apprentice Master project for years. Thanks to their support we have been able to provide a platform and development for the young artist!




Kunstloc Brabant

Kunstloc Brabant, previously bkkc (knowledge centre for culture in North-Brabant), has been a good advisor in the projects of Kunstpodium T for years.



Municipality of Tilburg

Kunstpodium T is supported by the Municipality of Tilburg.



Province North Brabant

Kunstpodium T is supported by the province of North Brabant. This allows us to work on a fruitful climate for artists in Brabant!



Kunstpodium T recognises and supports art talent with exchange of knowledge and experiment.

Contact information

Klaartje Esch, Managing Director
(+31)6 – 18081128

Kunstpodium T
Noordstraat 105
5038 EH Tilburg
The Netherlands