Wegens COVID-19 zet Kunstpodium T haar programma tot half juli online voort. Bekijk hier de planning van de online presentaties.

Beyond the range of possibilities

Kim Gromoll

Koen Kievits

Birthe Leemeijer

Leonard Passchier

Roos Vogels

The artists invite you to participate in their work. You can do this by pressing one or more buttons and filling in the form that will appear.
A meeting with the artist, an exchange about the making or completion of a work, or an invitation to go on an adventure with the artist may be the result of this initial contact.

We chose this format because the encounter and cooperation with the audience and the role of the artwork in the physical world, is essential to us.
Our work does not exist on screen but in the physical world and must be experienced there.

The push of the button triggers all of this and takes us to where the work really is.

Kunstpodium T herkent en ondersteunt kunsttalent met kennisuitwisseling en experiment.

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5038 EH Tilburg

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