Our Apprentice Master exhibitions continue online. Each group will present the result of their collaboration on our website and social media. These presentations will be on show for two weeks per group. 

From 25 May to 7 June 2020 Nathalie Hartjes, Diana Gheorghiu, Lola Safari and Yung Nora present ‘Miranda’. 
Take a look at the full planning of the upcoming presentations.



Nathalie Hartjes is director of MAMA, platform for visual culture and young talent in Rotterdam. Nathalie has published in several arts and culture magazines in the Netherlands and in Belgium and is keen on writing fiction whenever the opportunity arises. Her artistic interests are centered around acts of subversion within mass and popular culture, “camp” strategies, and forms of transgression as tools to trouble authority, revalue so-called low culture, and promote inclusion beyond a traditional elite. 

Website MAMA | https://thisismama.nl/


Diana Gheorghiu is a Romanian artist living in the Netherlands. Her main focus is the self care and wellness industry. Central is the female body which is often reduced to its biological, vital processes. This disembodiment frames her critique on today’s obsession with healthy lifestyles and the growing wellness industry’s aim at the constant improvement, fixing and optimizing of the self.

Website Diana Gheorghiu | https://dianagheorghiu.com



The world through Lola Safari’s gaze: In her films she flirts with topics such as identity, femininity and the generation of millennials. It means anticipating but also being hypocritical, feeling alienated from “normal” but at the same time not being much different from the rest. A search for the poetry and magic of banality.

Website Lola Safari | https://www.lolasafari.com



Yung Nora: Here is the sea, wait I will show the sea. You don’t go in there.
Behind it is the sea. A real must-see for the tourist. Go to Essouira. 

Yung Nora is a rapper and videomaker. From an observant view she writes her songs. This way she tries to let her voice and that of other Moroccan Dutch women be heard, since this is a voice that is being heard too little.

Yung Nora on Spotify | Instagram


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