Marc Mulders works in a vocabulary of both thin and thick brushstrokes, together creating a patchwork of colors that capture the ‘architecture of nature’. He used to paint motifs such as flowers and animals, working from models in the studio. In recent years, there has been an increased amount of abstraction in his work. Nature is present in the connections that can be felt between the forms and colors. In this way, painting appears as a universe that develops parallel to nature. Another important part of his practice is to create stained glass windows, including monumental commissions for the Nieuwe Kerk in Amsterdam and for the Erasmus Window for the Sint Jans Church in Gouda. Mulders lives and works in a former farm outside the Dutch city of Eindhoven.

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The love for crowded environments plays an important role in the work of Christina de Korte. She creates paintings on different types of textile, with which she creates installations. Color, patterns and quantity play a major role. De Korte’s installations draw you into a visual explosion of colors and patterns, where everything asks for your attention. Besides her art practice, she is learning Arabic and is delving into “non-Western” art forms, religions and history. The combination of working in her studio, theories, and the graceful letters of Arabic reinforce each other.

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“In my work I try to follow a usually non-linear path that seeks out to wander, to make a dream become physical; a reference to a non-illustrive reality. How does time become still? How does rhythm create coincidence? Where do I find beauty? Do I seek consolation, hope, or meaning? The void between the materiality of the paint and the surface can create an entrance. Or an allegory, perhaps.”

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Hidden behind the blind Jet Pronk (1997) sees her inspiration: the plant. What eventually arises is fragmented images that always seem to say something about light. Through unusual material experiments, the still lives with plants are intriguing marriages of old fashioned and forgotten worlds. In the work that was made during the Apprentice Master project, the plant is this time used as a visual tool and Marc Mulders’ garden was picked bare. 

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