A safe Kunstpodium T

Kunstpodium T wants to be a safe community where everybody feels seen, heard and accepted, connected by a shared love for contemporary art. A place where everybody is welcome to enjoy art on their own conditions: whether that is meeting like-minded people during one of our activities or openings, discovering new talent in our exhibitions or stimulating your imagination in one of the stories that our artists tell via their works.

How do we aim to achieve this?

We happily welcome you to enjoy art. We ensure that this happens in a respectful manner. Everybody will contribute to a safe surrounding. During your visit at Kunstpodium T you can therefore expect the following: 

  • Everybody treats each other with respect
  • We treat each other as equals 
  • We talk with and to each other in a respectful and polite way 
  • We work out conflicts with each other
  • We report unsollicited behaviour, also when we see this happen to others 
  • The art you will see is not always politically correct: you do not need to agree with everything you see, but it can be appreciated within the wider context. We stimulate you to view something without judgment. Keep an open mind and talk about what you see!

We trust that you will contribute to this pleasant environment during a visit to Kunstpodium T!

Confidential counselor: Anni Luistert

Safety in our environment is key. That is why Kunstpodium T works together with confidential counseling duo ANNI Luistert.

Do you feel unsafe when visiting us, despite our code of conduct? You can share this with our managing director Klaartje Esch bespreken. You can reach her via 06-1808 1128 or klaartje@kunstpodium-t.com

Do you prefer sharing your issue with an independent party? Then you can reach out to our confidential counseling duo ANNI Luistert. This duo is accessible on working days from 08:30 – 18:00 uur to discuss your experience in strict confidentiality. 

ANNI luistert consists of:
Angeline Koster: 06 51 08 22 70
Nico Schoonen: 06 53 21 22 62

You can decide with who you prefer to talk.

What happens when you contact ANNI?

  1. You contact ANNI Luistert, the confidential counseling duo we work with. You can choose if you prefer talking with Angeline Koster (06 51 08 22 70) or Nico Schoonen (06 53 21 22 62). You will chat with the person you click with best. You can meet Angeline and Nico at https://www.anni-luistert.nl/#overons  Prefer to send an email? They are accessible via info@anni-luistert.nl or their individual addresses. They will get back to you within 24 hours. 
  2. The counselor will plan, if you want to, an appointment for a personal conversation in a neutral location. Only a phone call is possible too.
  3. Together with the counselor you will plan if, and how, optional next steps will be taken. Just getting stuff off your chest is also of course possible.

Nico Schoonen
06 53 21 22 62

Angeline Koster
06 51 08 22 70

Kunstpodium T recognises and supports art talent with exchange of knowledge and experiment.

Postal and visiting address:
Noordstraat 105
5038 EH Tilburg

Open Friday to Sunday
from 13.00 to 17.00