About us

Kunstpodium T is a platform for talent development for starting artists. We have been active since autumn 2007 and are situated  in the city center Tilburg. Our mission is to stimulate and support talent in young visual artists. In our different projects, creativity, exchanging knowledge and experiment are the key values. Starting artists from the Netherlands and abroad meet each other and talk to peers and experts. They keep lifting their identity as artists to a higher level.
At the core of all our projects is the concept of  ‘a life long learning’. Learning and developing are not limited to standard education; also after your graduation you continue to learn new things. Kunstpodium T guides art talent from primary school up until the postacademic development of graduated artists: on its way to a life as a professional and renowned artist.

This is formalised in a number of projects. The Apprentice Master project is central. Recently graduated artists from Tilburg, the Netherlands and abroad, the apprentices, are being paired up with renowned artists, the masters. The selection of the artists is being done together with the participating art academies. The apprentices are being paired into small groups and go into discussion about art. Their collaboration is being finalised with an exhibition on one of our locations. The project ARTpart focuses mainly on the professional development of the artist as a self-sufficient cultural entrepreneur, in the form of a helpdesk. All kinds of things can be discussed with our team: financial insights, time management and artistic matters. With the project De Nieuwe Vincent the youngest artistic talents in Brabant are given the opportunity to develop themselves. In the talenthub Inversie we work together with TAC Eindhoven and Witte Rook Breda to guide a number of artists from Brabant in an intensive, long-term development trajectory. 

Kunstpodium T strengthens the cultural infrastructure in the province of North-Brabant by supporting talent development in starting visual artists. We contribute to securing developed talent of the graduates and bridge the gap between the art academy and an independent practice. By presenting the results in exhibitions, a wide audience, especially young visitors and professionals, comes into contact with the young, starting, experimenting artists. We connect ourselves to other cultural players in relation to talent development in Brabant. 

Kunstpodium T wants to prepare young artists better for the artistic practice; on Brabantian, national and international levels. Experience is growing, connections are made and the future is being questioned. We pay attention to creative and cultural entrepreneurship. We value artisticity, but this task is already often filled by the academy. Our accent is therefore on making connections between the artists and a relevant network of other (experienced) makers and organisations: a community that offers support. By building this network in the early stages of the apprentices’ careers, we can contribute to their profiling and possible next steps. 

Kunstpodium T is subsidised by the Province of Noord-Brabant (2021-2024), the Municipality of Tilburg (2021-2024) and the Mondrian Fund (2022-2023). We are also supported by Tiwos.

Kunstpodium T recognises and supports art talent with exchange of knowledge and experiment.

Postal and visitor address:
Noordstraat 105
5038 EH Tilburg

Open Friday to Sunday
from 13.00 to 17.00