ARTpart Text Desk

Are you as an artist strong in your visual language, but do you struggle with finding the right words to put this in writing?
To help with this, ARTpart presents its new project: the artist text desk. For a little fee we help you and together we will write your texts. You’ll also gain new insights in your own practise and learn new ways to talk about your work. 

We are here for all sorts of texts, for all sorts of makers: artist statements, work descriptions, theoretical insights about your work, or editing existing texts. Contact us to sign up or to ask about our possibilities!

– Gain extra insight in your own work and artistic practice;
– Develop a new vocabulary to talk and write about your work;
– A textual final product that can be used for several means;
– A professional approach for an artist-friendly fee.

The texts are being written by Linda Köke, project coordinator of ARTpart. Linda received her MA from Utrecht University in 2016 in the field of contemporary and modern art history. Next to her work at Kunstpodium T she writes parttime for magazine Metropolis M.

Our selection

Artist statement:
* short (max. 200 words): €45 incl. VAT
* long (max. 500 words): €70 incl. VAT
For i.e. portfolio, website, social media and subsidy applications.
Price includes a one-on-one meeting, two redirection rounds and final product.

Work description: 
* short (max. 200 words): €50 incl. VAT per work/project
* long (max. 500 words): €70 incl. VAT per work/project
For i.e. portfolio, website and subsidy applications.
Price includes a one-on-one meeting, two redirection rounds and final product.

Research-based text:
* max. 700 words: €100 incl. VAT
* Field of research to be discussed: material-based research, art historical content, scientific context, etc. 
* Perfect for an in-depth interpretation of your work. 
For i.e. subsidy applications, exhibition texts and website.  voor o.a. subsidieaanvragen, expositieteksten en website.
Price includes a one-on-one meeting, redirection rounds, final product including literature and sources. 
Note: this service is not for study assignments.

We also offer redirection for existing texts. Different prices for spelling and grammar check or content check.
* short (max. 500 words): €30 / €60
* long (max. 1000 words): €50 / €90
* For longer texts, like theses, please contact us.

Students get a 20% discount on the price of the abovementioned selection. Do you have a text of more than 10,000 words, a super fast deadline or a different type of text not mentioned here? Send us an email for a price on request.

Kunstpodium T recognises and supports art talent with exchange of knowledge and experiment.

Contact information

06 – 39 82 56 49

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Noordstraat 105
5038 EH Tilburg
The Netherlands

Open during exhibitions
Friday to Sunday 13.00-17.00