when: Wednesday 24 November from 13.00 to 17.00
where: Kunstpodium T
how: get your ticket for 10 euros via this link and sign up via apply [at] kunstpodium-t [dot] com
language: English

Join this special workshop and build your own social network! 

Major social networks like Facebook and Twitter take up a huge portion of our internet use, and we are currently witnessing the consequences of their massive control over online spaces. There was a time when the internet was made up of small websites catering to friend groups and niche interests. And while this time was far from perfect, we can learn from it to build kinder, friendlier and less toxic online spaces.

In this beginner friendly workshop each of us will be building a small, single page online forum. The goal is not only to learn how to build and host our own website, but to learn ways we can create small online spaces to facilitate discussion and communication. It is a beginner friendly workshop, no experience in programming languages is necessary. Make sure to bring a laptop – we provide the wifi, the coffee & cookies ánd the knowledge!