Friday 12th of November 15:00 
Opening dinner at Kunstpodium T – 19:00

URGE Mo(VE)ment!

Join the free ArtParade

The Urge collective invites everyone to join the collective Art Parade through the streets of Tilburg.

This parade is a collaboration with the Living Museum Tilburg, the Wijkcentrum De Wissel, and all other people who join on the way. It is a collective mo(ve)ment of sharing and a platform for people to express themselves artistically in the public space of the city. 

The parade will include various forms of expressions such as painted banners, spoken word, movement & dance, and singing & music. The topic is left open, what unites all participants in the freedom of their expression through arts. 

The parade will start at the Wijkcentrum De Wissel (Leliestraat 49 Tilburg) at 15:00 and move through the city towards Kunstpodium T. At 19:00 we will welcome everybody at Kunstpodium T to have a collective dinner together. 

On Saturday the visual residues of the parade can be viewed in the exhibition 10-20h at Kunstpodium T.

The project is initiated by URGE Collective and is the result of their art residency at Kunstpodium T in the time of 27th of October till 12th November.

Due to the new covid measures we ask everybody visiting Kunstpodium T to show a valid corona entry code (QR-code). This is not required for participation in the parade.