Apprentice Master expositie #5 • A Softer Space • 8 April 2021 – 2 May 2021

Julius Thissen (master)
Wanda Tiersma
Megan Auður
Elisa Klabbers
Eugenie Boon

In the exhibition ‘A Softer Space’, part of Apprentice Master 2020/2021, Apprentices Wanda Tiersma, Megan Auður, Elisa Klabbers and Eugenie Boon will present their work with Master Julius Thissen. The exhibition will be on show at Kunstpodium T from the 8th of April until the 2nd of May. The private opening will take place on Thursday 8 April at Kunstpodium T.

During their time of the project, the Apprentices and Julius Thissen based their work on tender conversations around notions of care and softness. This resulted in the group-exhibition titled ‘A Softer Space’. Within this exhibition, the five artists propose softness and community as a central and crucial aspect of creating artistic work. What constitutes an act of (self)care? Can vulnerability among artists, rather than competitiveness, allow for communal growth? Within ‘A Softer Space’ the artists aim to connect, to heal, to fail, to play, to rest, and to debate. 

Whether the exhibition can be viewed in person is currently unknown due to the lockdown. As soon as we know more, this will be communicated through our known channels.