Talented young artists wanted for a new talent development program called ‘Inversie’.

Are you an artist who graduated no more than three years ago from an art academy, who makes autonomous unconventional work and whose artistic practise can use a boost? Then apply now!

The talent development program ‘Inversie’ has the goal to guide talent young visual artists to an independent practise. Inversie (inversion) means: a reversal of the normal order. Not every artistic practise follows the same path and not every art form is sellable. This is why the program ‘Inversie’ centers around acquiring competences that the artist can use by structuring his practise, that doesn’t necessarily follows the most obvious paths.

The program is there for artists whose work does not fall into the traditional revenue models of the art world, like sales via galleries or collectors. For artists that make unconventional and autonomous work like performance artists, installation artists, socially engaged artists and conceptual artists.

About ‘Inversie’:
‘Inversie’ is part of TalentHub Brabant and is a collaboration between TAC (Temporary Art Centre) Eindhoven, Kunstpodium T Tilburg and Witte Rook Breda. They will each take the role of mentor upon themselves. Via individual talks they offer support and their knowledge, network, facilities and production means.
In ‘Inversie’, the artist has the central position. Together with your mentor, you create an individual plan of development, based on the results of a baseline measurement. This is being performed by Kunstloc Brabant and gives insights to the needs of development and chances of you as an artists, in the fields of artistic quality, entrepreneurship and work attitude. Together we will make sure that the set goals are being met and a strong position is being developed as a professional artist.

Term and program:
The program lasts fifteen months: from begin March 2020 to May 2021.
It consists of three phases in which the following questions are at the core:
WHAT? – work attitude and interpretation (of your own artistic surroundings)
WHY? – artistic development (developing your own vocabulary).
HOW? – entrepreneurship (securing your skills).

We expect you to spend on average two days per week on your development. Based on the personal development plans there are budgets available for production, materials, hang- and standing fees and travel compensation. There is also gage to reserve time in the studio. These will be, upon selection, recorded in a declaration of intent with the artist.

You are:
● living or working in the province of Brabant and/or not longer than three years graduated from an art academy (in Brabant).
● artistically active and making steps within your own entrepreneurship.
● ambitious: you want to develop yourself and invest in your own practise.
● motivated: motivation is an important part of the selection. We expect commitment from you: you invest in your artistic practise and take the project seriously.
● your work is artistically strong, autonomous and unconventional.
● you have an experimental work attitude and method.

Application and selection:
Do you recognise yourself in this profile, we would love to get to know you! Send us:
– Your motivation: Why do you think you fit into ‘Inversie’? What steps do you need to take to develop yourself? Why should you be selected? Max 1000 words.
– Brief development plan: Where are you in your career and what are you struggling with? What steps would you like to take within ‘Inversie’? Where is your focus? Max 500 words
– Contact details and website
– CV and portfolio

You can apply until Sunday 26 January. The selection will take place in February. Late February we will announce the selected artists. There is room for six to seven talents. For application, questions or more information you can contact Anneke Cotrotsos via