Three organisations for visual art in North-Brabant will receive subsidy from the province to develop a talent hub. Temporary Art Center Eindhoven, Kunstpodium T Tilburg and Witte Rook Breda have started a collaboration to offer young talents up to three years after graduation the possibility to participate in the talent development project Inversie in 2020.
Talent development is one of the program lines within the regional profile Noord-Brabant. An important aspect to provide a continuous flow of young talent – thanks to the art academies in the province – with a future perspective. This is why Kunstpodium T (Tilburg), TAC (Eindhoven) and Witte Rook (Breda) have developed a talenthub for the visual arts. In the talenthub, talents that have been selected by the industry itself are offered a tailored course through a network of presentation platforms, galeries, curators and other (cultural) organisations and professionals. They will provide their knowledge, facilities and productional resources. The hubs are being connected by Kunstloc. In this way, a new network takes shape between the hubs and the different talents.
Talent development program Inversie 
The talent development program Inversie has the aim to guide talented young visual artists to a self-sufficient level. Young artists are often in a precarious situation. They haven’t proven themselves yet and still have to earn their stripes. Talent is not the same as talent; it is not bound to age and often knows to manifest itself, no matter how early. Not all artistic practices follow the same course and not every medium is sellable. The program Inversie, turning around the status quo, bring possibilities and competenties to the foreground that the artists can use supporting – if not shaping – their artistic practice. Being active organisations in the cultural field in Brabant, Kunstpodium T, TAC and Witte Rook work closely together with artists and have signalled that there are different needs to accomplish their development. Not only the presentation, but also acquiring knowledge, different forms of reflection and ways of self-organisation. As individual organisations we cannot always act on this as well as we would like, but by combining our insights, specialities and network we can create these connections.

TAC (Temporary Art Centre) in Eindhoven a place for art and talent development. TAC offers eighty workrooms and studios for starting professional artists with different backgrounds and offers exhibitions, lectures, workshops and concerts in its program. TAC stimulates and creates the own initiative that come from self-organisation to presentation. In this, TAC focuses on the professional attitude: the WHAT-question comes at the beginning of the collaboration: WHAT is the project, WHAT is the goal and WHAT is aimed to be achieved?

Witte Rook te Breda operates as an online and offline platform that focuses on the written word, the authentic image and artistic processes. As a residency place for artists, Witte Rook offers short and long work periods for reflection, research and production. The online platform offers inspiration, sharing knowledge and stimulates the actual and research-based form of the contemporary artistic practise through publications and online visibility. Witte Rook researches the WHY with artists: what processes are necessary for the reflective aspects of the artistic practise do develop and position this?

Kunstpodium T in Tilburg has been focussing since its inception in 2007 on developing talent in the visual arts. Its main aim is to support the development of (professional) artistic talent in the starting phase of their career through different projects. The Apprentice Master project offers an intensive program between newly graduated artists from several art academies (the Apprentices) and renowned artists (the Masters). The project ARTpart is an open helpdesk for artists to talk about current questions: practical or artistic. In its projects, Kunstpodium T makes the HOW visible: How the network and the cultural infrastructure is formed and how starting artists can find their way in this.