Kunstpodium T wants to expand its poule of moderators in number and diversity. Besides our core-business of Apprentice Master, we also host artist talks in different settings, like the Day of the Young Artist or mastertalks at Museum De Pont.

Who are we looking for?
– People who are not afraid of speaking in public and dare to ask critical questions; can switch between simple informative subject matter and in-depth questions.
– Art historians, art connaisseurs, curators or good interviewers from outside the art field, like philosophers, journalists or designers that feel involved with the visual arts.
– Willing to do preparatory research on the interviewed artist.
– Able to make the artist feel comfortable.
– Good social skills and knowing how to interact with the audience.
– Knowing when to speak and and when to be silent. A good moderator.
– A sense of humour is not required, but we would like at least one moderator that can perform their interviews with some humour.
– We prefer candidates within a 100km radius from Tilburg.

What do we offer:
– Talks with exciting artists that have already earned their stripes, but also young makers that are still finding their way.
– Depending on the project, an appropriate fee with travel costs.
– Sometimes, the talk can be an intimate setting of some dozen people, sometimes more; we can take your preference into account.
– Payment via invoice or declaration form.
– Frequency: on irregular basis, depending on the number of applications.
– The talks will mostly take place in Tilburg or Eindhoven.

How to apply
– A short motivation letter, but more importantly a link to a previous interview or performance. If you are a young moderator with good competence but little experience, we might ask you to do a test case to see if your approach fits our audience.
– Send an email and possible video(link) to jacki@kunstpodium-t.com