Hello Artist,

You are graduated! New exciting times are ahead. Kunstpodium T invites you to participate in the Apprentice Master project. The project will take place in the year following your graduation. It offers a place to experiment and will be the start of an international network of peers.

About the Apprentice Master project
The Apprentice Master project is the main project of Kunstpodium T since 2007. Each season 40 newly graduated artists from academies in the Netherlands, Belgium and the United Kingdom are selected to work in 10 groups of 4 artists (the Apprentices) paired with an experienced, renowned artist (the Master) who has been active many years in the art world. These Masters are just as diverse as the group Apprentices and are selected based on artistic, personal or professional similarities with the group Apprentices.
In an equal collaboration every group goes into an individual track where they can develop their art and talk about their experiences. The possibilities are endless: you and your group can take matters into own hands and plan studio visits, do artistic research together, et cetera. You decide what you want to learn and develop!
Every group conclude their cooperation with an exhibition, which they curate themselves at one of our locations across the NL/BE.

What can you gain from the project?
• A new (international) network of peers, renowned artists and art professionals
• Feedback after your graduation
• Learn how to present yourself as a professional artist
• The possibility to experiment and develop your artistic practice
• Exhibit in one of our locations across the Netherlands
• Possibility to win the Jan Naaijkens prize!
• Free entree to events such as Day of the Young Artist, Mastertalks and an exciting inspiration week.

What do we ask of you?

To get selected:
– Send in a digital portfolio + motivation (more details below)

After being selected:
– Make a 5min video presentation.

During the project:

  • Dedication to the project: you reap what you sow, so the more effort you put into the more you can develop your own and each other’s practice and make a better outcome!
  • Be present in the Inspiration week 16-20 September 2019!
  • Availability to build up your exhibition the week prior to your opening (carefully planned)
  • Attend as much openings as possible to connect to your peers.

About Kunstpodium T
Kunstpodium T is a platform dedicated to the development of talent for young artists in several stages of their career. We are based in Tilburg, the Netherlands. By giving artists the opportunity to talk with peers, experienced experts and exhibit their work, we allow them to grow both artistically and professionally. We do this via several projects. Our oldest project is the Apprentice Master project. Other projects include ARTpart, De Nieuwe Vincent, Jan Naaijkens prize and Day of the Young Artist.

Every year we have a guest curator to help with the selections and program; the ‘Yearmaster’. For season 2019/2020 we invited artist and writer Niek Hendrix as the Yearmaster.
Niek Hendrix is a painter that considers the images of painting, iconic or not, as an open source. He activates them by repeating them and put in a different context. This appropriation is not to make an exact copy but to create a different image of it. He paints them with a different brushstroke, a different paint, colors are let go off, appearing in shades of black and white, and also the sizes are different. He places them in front of works from different times or adds a work of his own hands. In unexpected constellations he puts the viewer to the test: they must not only look again but also give meaning again. He won the Royal award for modern painting and is well known for his blog about art.

Interested to participate?
Send in a portfolio + motivation before July 19th to contact@kunstpodium-t.com

We are looking forward to your applications,

Greetings team Kunstpodium T: Klaartje Esch, Niek Hendrix and Linda Köke

Specifications for the portfolio:

The portfolios should be send in digitally as a PDF and at least consist of:

  • Name, address, e-mail address (no school mail), telephone number and if applicable own website
  • Description of the visual work / artist statement (max. 200 words)
  • 10 images of recent work (with year, proportions, materials and technology)
  • A picture of yourself
  • 3 names of artists who inspire you

The motivation text:
– What do you wish to gain with the project?
– What are your goals after graduating?
– Why would you like to get a chance to participate in the AMP?

Rough schedule of the Apprentice Master project 2019/2020:
– 16-20 September 2019: Inspiration week
– 14 November 2019 first exhibition AMP #1
– January – June 2020 exhibitions AMP #2 – AMP #10.