Artist Simone Schuffelen invites Tilburg for ‘un dîner étrange’: a strange dinner. Based on a trip through Senegal, Simone became fascinated by the customs around the the evening meal. A joint moment seated on the floor or around a table, during which the food is in the middle. Sometimes knife and fork are used, sometimes they eat with their hands, seated on the floor waiting on whomever decides to eat first. 
Intruiged by joining at the tables of strangers or in a new environment, Simone got the idea to do a research into the table rituals and the rituals that go into the making of a meal. She will join people from Tilburg at their tables and focuses on their eating habits and favourite dishes. She records the ritual and preparations in a video report. She will show the result on Friday 21 June in the garden of Kunstpodium T and analyse and talk about this publicly. Everybody is invited to join us during a meal, while watching the video and talking about the surfacing subjects. It’s okay to talk with your mouth full! Come join the feast! 
The dinner will take place in the late afternoon / evening. The exact time will be communicated on later notice.