From 19 October to 24 November, the organisers of art initiative De Roze Sokkel, Jolijn van den Heuvel, Tyrell Kuipers and Jeroen Schampers are going to spend one month in Kunstpodium T. Living, working, experimenting and sharing their love of art. In addition to this, several events will be organised about art, film, poetry, music et cetera. (The planning of these days/evenings will follow.)

Kunstpodium T will not only serve as a home base to De Roze Sokkel this month – they would like to share this place and time with YOU! Yes, you, yung padawan. But also you, Master of Arts.

Are you looking for a platform for your artwork? Do you want to decorate the ‘De Roze Sokkel’ living room with one of your artworks? Host a workshop? Spend a night? Do you have an idea that you want to expand, but no room? Do you have a good book? A good vinyl record? Do you want to cook for your friends and for De Roze Sokkel? Do you want to offer one of your artworks for sale? Or do you need help with realising one of your ideas? Are you just around and want to drop by? Don’t hesitate and come visit us for a cup of coffee or a beer.

🚨 NOTE: everything is allowed and De Roze Sokkel shall be careful and alert with all your borrowed and sent stuff at all times 🚨 (artworks will be insured, if discussed so.)

De Roze Sokkel are looking forward to welcoming you!

Call, text, whatsapp, dm, pm or mail:
0631323873 / 0629608415
Physical copies and contributions can be sent to:
📍Noordstraat 105, 5038 EH Tilburg
& you can always give us a knock on the door.