Opening Thursday 24 May at 20.00 at Expoplu Nijmegen //

At this twelfth exhibition in the Apprentice Master program of 2017/2018, Henna Nerg, Brais Romero Fernández, Kayleigh Smetsers and Ana Pérez Valdés will be exhibiting with Danielle Lemaire as their master. The exhibition will take place from Thursday 24 May to Sunday 10 June 2018 at Expoplu Nijmegen. The opening will be on Thursday 24 May at 20.00 to 23.00. During the opening, the artists will be present to give an introduction about their work. Come join us at the opening!

The exhibition at Expoplu Nijmegen can also be visited on the following days:
Thursday to Sunday 13-17h

ACTITUD is the title of the multimedia exhibition in Expoplu Nijmegen, in which master Danielle Lemaireguided apprentices Ana Pérez Valdés (ES), Brais Romero Fernandez (ES), Henna Nerg (FI/NL) and Kayleigh Smetsers (NL).
The exhibition seeks to define our role as artists in the context of todays social environment, with its expectations, lack of equality and hierarchies. The question we ask ourselves is: how can we create a society through the medium of art, that feels like home?
All five of us work very differently and use a wide variety of media and materials with which wetry to shape ourpersonal questions. Individually and as a group. We like to show our attitude of survivingthrough art; anartistic way of being and speaking out as the sole option. In ACTITUD we aim to engage the public into the dynamics of our conversation, to tell our individual stories and have the exhibit be the mediator.
Expect a dynamic show in which fashion, film, drawing, architecture, painting, performance and posters printed at stencilworkshop Knust in Nijmegen, come together.