It is with great joy that we announce our new year master for the Apprentice Master season 2018-2019: Danielle Lemaire!

Danielle Lemaire creates drawings, paintings, performances, soundworks, installations, and films. She makes books, records, CDs and cassettes that she releases on her own label Inner Landscapes. She organizes exhibitions and live events and is a creative coach. She works as a curator for the artprogram of Extrapool in Nijmegen. In 2017 she was one of the scouts for the prestigious Prix de Rome price. She was also one of the masters in the Apprentice Master season 2017-2018 to have worked with newly graduated artists.

Her work develops on every level in an organic and very attentive way. She sees this workingmethod as essential for a clear dialogue with the world. Danielle’s drawings and paintings have subjects such as an ’empty’ interior in which human traces are tangible, shadows of human life, a dream. She likes to explore the environment of her work in these relationships: what is the (historical) story behind space? What is the meaning of the works in relation to their environment?

Find more information about Danielle Lemaire here.

About the year master

Every year, Kunstpodium T invites a year master that, like a curator, selects the list with masters for that season of the Apprentice Master project. The groups are formed based on portfolios and presentations, keeping work ethic, working method and subject matter in mind. The groups challenge each other, question each others work in a constructing way and show the diversity of the visual arts.

More information about the Apprentice Master project can be found here.