Th 25 January t/m Su 11 February 2018 // On Thursday 25 January, the exhibition ‘#AMP5: On the Border’ will be opening at our partner location Concordia in Enschede, the Netherlands. Master Paul van Osch will be showing his work together with apprentices Emiel Zeno, Vince Donders and Yoel Pytowski.

‘Every space has its borders and his own limits. By observing and studying those limits the possibilities will enclose.’

The exhibition will take place from Thursday 25 January to Sunday 11 February 2018 at Concordia, Enschede. The opening will be on Thursday 25 January at 19.00 to 23.00. During the opening, the artists will be present to give an introduction about their work. Come join us at the opening!

The exhibition at Concordia will be open on the following days:
Tuesday: 10-18h
Wednesday: 10-18h
Thursday: 10-21h
Friday: 10-18h
Saturday: 10-17h
Sunday: 12-17h

Event image courtesy of Yoel Pytowski.