Th 18 January to Sun 11 February 2018 // On Thursday 18 January, the exhibition ‘#AMP4: Enclosed Valley’ will be opening at our partner location TAC in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. Master Gam Bodenhausen will be showing her work together with apprentices Martijn LinssenFloor SchothorstCamilla Fanning and Raquel F. Barreiro.

When mountains start growing in the distance, rising around you like one big embracement, your mind can be overwhelmed with a feeling of fear and vulnerability. On the other hand it can leave an important imprint falling into the back of your mind, transforming into new structures and lines, sounds and images. As a group our starting point will be somewhere in the middle of this Enclosed Valley. At the centre of it all we will experience where the known and unknown roads will lead us. Creating a new landscape where humans, animals, woods, clay, oceans, life and death are all part of the same being. This valley can be a labyrint of metaphores in which our different handwriting will flow together, with its role in offering a visual description of our environment, as well as the notion of its own physical presence, particularly in relationship to landscape.

The exhibition will take place from Thursday 18 January to Sunday 11 February 2018 at TAC in Eindhoven. The opening will be on Thursday 18 January at 20.00 to 23.00. During the opening, the artists will be present to give an introduction about their work. Come join us at the opening or visit the exhibition at TAC on Thursday-Friday 16-21h and Saturday-Sunday 13-21h.