Apprentice Master Exhibition #1 IN—BETWEEN SHOW
Marten Hendriks
0031anke (Utrecht)
Maria Gil Ulldemolins (Hasselt)

Simularity and difference
What defines “me”? What is in the space between my body and my mind? How do we bridge the gap between what constitutes the self and everything else? Our senses mediate between that which we call “us”, and the environment we belong to, and depend on. This mediation is both the only possible interaction and a filter – what happens in this liminal relationship. How can we trust what we perceive, how can we find guidance when everything we see is necessarily subjective? God is dead, but so is truth – and we killed them both. Where do we go in a world of virtual emotion and undigested rationality?
Text by Maria Gil Ulldemolins

First exhibition for season 2017/2018. Master Marten Hendriks exhibit with Apprentices 0031anke and Maria Gil Ulldemolins! Opening night on Thursday 16 November from 20.00 at Kunstpodium T, Noordstraat 105 Tilburg.

Apprentice Master project
The Apprentice Master project of Kunstpodium T connects graduated talented artists from twelve European art academies to inspiring contemporary artists. They work together, exchange knowledge and experience and exhibit together in a series of exhibitions. The tenth edition of the Apprentice Master project 2017-2018 of Kunstpodium T consists of 47 young artists from 12 European art academies, 13 experienced contemporary artists exhibit together in a series of 13 exhibitions in 5 locations.

Kunstpodium T
Noordstraat 105
Tilburg, Netherlands

Open during exhibition:
Thurday 17.00 – 21.00
Friday – Sunday: 13.00 – 17.00
Dates: Thu 16 Nov – Sun 3 Dec 2017