Day of the Young Artist: a day dedicated to young talent

Once a year, Kunstpodium T in collaboration with De Pont museum in Tilburg presents the Day of the Young Artist. This day offers an interdisciplinary program in which the dialogue between new artists, art academies and the professional art world are central. What is the artists’ identity, what is his position within the art world and society?

The Day of the Young Artist returns in 2019 and will take place on Monday 16 September in Museum de Pont. The entire day will be in English. 

For this edition, curator Tim Roerig will give shape to the program of this day.
Tim Roerig is Associate Curator at Z33, House for Contemporary Art in Hasselt (BE). In the past he worked for the Haus der Kunst in Munich (DE) and the 56th Venice Biennial. Besides this, Tim is involved with, an art initiative in Amsterdam that focuses on starting artists.

The increasing professionalization of artistic practice means that artists are spending more time outside of the studio, often engaging in activities that are marginal to art making. From giving artist talks to attending openings, non-artistic work has become central to artists’ practice. As visibility is increasingly dependent on mobility, artists move not only between roles, but also between different spheres of the art world, such as institutions, the art market, and online networks. The Day of the Young Artist 2019 explores how artists can situate and present themselves in the art world, and assert their agency within its structures.

The day starts with a performance lecture by the artist and writer Brenda Tempelaar. In the afternoon, you can attend three programs:
– ‘Circuits: Residencies, Markets, Networks’: three panel discussions on the circuits of the art world with distinguished artists, curators, and critics.
– ‘Currents x dotya’: photography and presentation workshops presented in collaboration with Z33 – House for Contemporary Art, Marres – House for Contemporary Culture, and the curators of Z33/Marres Currents #7.
– ‘Defining your Art Practice’: presentations by art organizations, a portfolio workshop in collaboration with The Artist and the Others, and a performance lecture by artist Tim Hollander.
Additionally, you can register for a 1ON1 meeting with different art professionals and organizations. Artist David Jablonowski will close the day with a lecture.

The program in full details, as well as the speakers and organisations that will join us on this day, can all be found here!

Buy your tickets for the 2019 edition here for only €15!

Manifest for the Young Artist

At the start of the Day of the Young Artist 2018, Lara Staal read her manifest for the young artist. This text can now be read again on our website.

Watch the aftermovie of the Day of the Young Artist 2018 below!

Kunstpodium T recognises and supports art talent with exchange of knowledge and experiment.
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