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With the project ARTpart, Kunstpodium T positions itself as an approachable help-desk where artists can go for all their questions; whether they are artistic or about everything else surrounding their practise. Because of the personal approach and their wide knowledge, experience and network, ARTpart is an excellent tool to help the young artists get further in their careers.
At the base of ARTpart are three values: the development of the artist in an entrepreneurial way, an artistic development of his or her work, and the forming of a community of young artists with the exchange of knowledge at its base; where artists, art connaisseurs and art lovers can stimulate and inspire eachother.

ARTpart was brought to life to help the starting artist in a personal way. There are many options for the artist, but quite often the available options can be overwhelming or remain simply unknown. This is why Kunstpodium T, together with our experience, our network and our personal approach, will help you to find your way. Supported by a panel of experts we are going to make sure in a one-on-one way that you will be brought into contact with the right party.
Everything is possible: How can I best apply for a subsidy or a fund? How do I deal with a conflict at work? Do I really need a website? Or maybe you are looking for artistic feedback on your work. Nothing is unthinkable; ask ARTpart and we will help you further!

Do you have an issue you would like to talk over with us? Send us an email at artpart@kunstpodium-t.com or call Linda Köke, project coordinator of ARTpart, at +316 4881 9394.
(Note: both Dutch and international problems are welcome!)

What can {ARTpart} do for you? Contact us to find out more!

Kunstpodium T recognises and supports art talent with exchange of knowledge and experiment.

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