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With the project ARTpart, Kunstpodium T positions itself as an approachable help-desk where artists can go for all their questions; whether they are artistic or about everything else surrounding their practise. Because of the personal approach and their wide knowledge, experience and network, ARTpart is an excellent tool to help the young artists get further in their careers.
At the base of ARTpart are three values: the development of the artist in an entrepreneurial way, an artistic development of his or her work, and the forming of a community of young artists with the exchange of knowledge at its base; where artists, art connaisseurs and art lovers can stimulate and inspire eachother.

ARTpart was brought to life to help the starting artist in a personal way. There are many options for the artist, but quite often the available options can be overwhelming or remain simply unknown. This is why Kunstpodium T, together with our experience, our network and our personal approach, will help you to find your way. Supported by a panel of experts we are going to make sure in a one-on-one way that you will be brought into contact with the right party.
Everything is possible: How can I best apply for a subsidy or a fund? How do I deal with a conflict at work? Do I really need a website? Or maybe you are looking for artistic feedback on your work. Nothing is unthinkable; ask ARTpart and we will help you further!

Text Desk: put your images into words

Are you as an artist strong in your visual language, but do you struggle with finding the right words to put this in writing?
To help with this, ARTpart presents its new project: the artist text desk. For a little fee we help you and together we will write your texts. You’ll also gain new insights in your own practise and learn new ways to talk about your work. 

We are here for all sorts of texts, for all sorts of makers: artist statements, work descriptions, theoretical insights about your work, or editing existing texts. Check the link below for our possibilities!

Peer Critic Tilburg

Late 2018, Kunstpodium T started with a peer critic group: a group consisting of professional artists from several disciplines and other art and cultural professionals that come together on a regular basis to talk about each other’s work. This group is the result from the growing need among artists for a more deep and artistically relevant feedback on their work. Together with artist Jeroen Offerman, who previously set up the peer critic groep The Attic in Eindhoven, Kunstpodium T started a similar group to meet this demand from the artists.

The group consists of a fixed core of about twelve to fifteen people. They come together about once a month to discuss the work of one of them. This can take place in the studio of the artist, in an exhibition or at Kunstpodium T. The goal of every conversation is to discuss in depth what we see: judgements are being avoided, there is no to little background information about the work and the artist in question gives no additional information about the work for the first half hour. A mediator is present that guides the conversation. This creates a safe environment in which everything can be said and everybody’s opinions are equally valued.

The group is formed by the team of Kunstpodium T to ‘match’ the participants, which allows them to make the most out of this experience. The more diverse the group, the better. Views that clash, contrasting art media and opinions that create friction are being applauded. This means that the group can consist of traditional, figurative painters, but also artists that work exclusively on the internet or conceptual artists. These tensions in the participants and their ways of working, their opinions and experiences create an environment in which the boundaries of one’s thinking are constantly pushed, new ideas can come forth, and artists will also hear things that are outside of their comfort zone. A broad spectrum of how the work can be interpreted can be reached this way, which the artist can later apply in his or her own practice.

Yes I do! And how do I contact you?
If you would want to make use of the possibilities of ARTpart, you can always send an email to artpart@kunstpodium-t.com. You can also reach Linda Köke, project coordinator of ARTpart by phone at +316-48819394 on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.
Depending on the nature of your question we can then schedule a short talk with you that will take place at Kunstpodium T. This will take about an hour. You can also email or call us with shorter questions that may be answered right away!
(Note: both Dutch and international problems are welcome!)

ARTpart has recently started to send a monthly newsletter. You can sign up for this by leaving your details at the link below. After signing up you will receive monthly updates about the art world (in Brabant), tips and tricks about how to organise your practise better, columns for and from artists, updates about the project, open calls and other interesting activities for artists and all sorts of other things that might be interesting and useful to artists and makers.
The newsletter is now only distributed in Dutch.

What can {ARTpart} do for you? Contact us to find out more!
Kunstpodium T recognises and supports art talent with exchange of knowledge and experiment.
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