Due to the current COVID-19 measures, the remainder of our Apprentice Master exhibitions will continue online. Each group presents the result of their collaboration on our website and social media. These presentations will be on show for two weeks per group. 

The Apprentice Master project supports and motivates newly graduated artists at the start of their professional career. The selected talents, the apprentices, are paired up with an experienced artist. Together with this master, the apprentices go into dialogue about their vision on art and all the aspects of being a professional artist. The result of this trajectory is a group exhibition on one our affiliated locations.
At the end of the season, an independent expert jury from Brabant will nominate the best candidates for the coveted Jan Naaijkens Prize. Four apprentices will exhibit their work for a second time during the summer; at the opening of this exhibition one of them will be announced at the winner.

The apprentices get the possibility to experiment, to learn and to try new things. New media can be explored, like creating installations, video and digital art. This can be created solo or in collaboration with other apprentices. With this project, Kunstpodium T offers them a place for research and experiment, where new paths can be explored, where new connections can be made and where new ideas can be materialised.



Part 1 – 4 to 10 May 2020
Oscar Santillan, Joep Caenen, Elina Hadjinicola, Melanie Maria, Roos Nieboer and Floor Snels

The artists invite you to continuously join in their project. By taking one of their self-written ‘scores’ and perform them from home, they want to create unity from a distance. Through their website you can read more about their project and take a random score to perform yourself! 


11 to 24 May 2020
Koes Staassen, Froukje de Boer, Harm In ‘t Groen, Beatrijs Rümke and Iris Schuurs

The artists worked in a relay residency at Kunstpodium T. They each brought 20 objects. Each artist got 24 hours to spend with these objects and form new constellations. The results are recorded on a Tumblr page and into a physical publication. The publication is for sale for €10 euro in an edition of 100. If interested you can send an email below.


25 May – 7 June 2020
Nathalie Hartjes, Lola Safari, Yung Nora and Diana Gheorghiu

A mysterious beauty hidden away on a secret island by her eccentric wizard father? A Millenial who dreamt she was a woman? A tourist doing a photoshoot in front of the door to her heritage? A responsible young woman seeking stability and an occasional outlet? Perhaps, An elegant face influenced by The Aldine, Miranda brings classic sophistication to any project. The family includes regular, bold, naïve, informed, witty, sarcastic and nostalgic traits.


8 – 21 June 2020
Tim Hollander, Anna Hor, Annï Mertens, Mona Schietekat and Emmy Zwagers

This Screen is not a Pedestal brings together the work of four artists from four European countries. Each of these artists has in their own way a very tactile and spatial practice. Unable to translate their practices directly to an online environment, and often unable to attend their physical studios, they were forced to re-evaluate their old ways of working and come up with new strategies. How do we continue our work in a time of crisis, and how do we adapt to new forms and media without making compromises?

Kunstpodium T recognises and supports art talent with exchange and experiment. 

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