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Residentie TalentHub Brabant

30 November, 2021 @ 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

during this closed residency, Kunstpodium T is closed to the public
30 November to 12 December 2021

In this residency, four talents from talent hubs Inversie and Wolk come together to deepen their practice. They will work individually in one of the four spaces of Kunstpodium T, and exchange ideas together. Surprising exchanges between surprising artists from different disciplines. With: Maja Irene Bolier, Britte Koolen, Emmie Liebregts and Joshua Snijders.

TalentHub Inversie
Inversie guides young visual artists to an independent professional practice. Inversie means: reversal of the status quo order. Not every artistic practice follows the same guidelines and not every art form can easily be sold. TalentHub Inversie is there for artists who do not fit within the regular framework. Performance art, socially engaged work or installation art: these are just a few examples.

TalentHub WOLK
WOLK is the talent development trajectory for writers, performers and makers that focus on the written word. WOLK offers long-term intensive guidance to talented writers, and a spot to develop themselves further.

Britte Koolen
Britte Koolen (1994) is inspired by the words of John Maeda: ‘When there is less, we appreciate everything much more’. Her work consists of minimalist sculptural installations and wall sculptures. Britte is driven by minimalism such as reuse, order and reduction where she tries to create order out of chaos. Accuracy is very important here. A millimeter to the left, or a millimeter to the right can make a big difference. The positions of these sculptures keep the viewer captivated in the moment of decision making, or indecisiveness. Britte’s installations seem difficult to understand, but you can discover them by walking around them, not by thinking analytically. They can be viewed from all sides and experienced as they are.

Emmie Liebregts
Emmie Liebregts (1996) sees her artistic practise as a changing position in which there is space to doubt, to meet another and to make an attempt to understand them. Frequent topics are security, the private sphere, discomfort and finding ways to share these experiences. In her work she organises and questions the findings that often come up through conversations and refers to the unstable and ever-changing human condition. Anything so unstable could use a little support, but nothing seems more uncomfortable than admitting that you need support, or worse, having to ask for it. The objects seem to have embraced the discomfort and long for (re)action or care in their form, materiality and context.

Maja Irene Bolier
Maja Irene Bolier (1988) makes work about control. About comfort and the problematic relationship she has had with her own body and growing up between two worlds. She tells her stories through film, performance and paper. By wearing her soft suits as a suit of armor, and distorting her own image, she takes control. Of how she perceives herself and how she is perceived by others. She writes her own story. This theme is also reflected in her photo collages. By cutting through the male gaze with a knife, she makes the images her own. The abstractions and strangeness she creates reflect a distorted view of body and sexuality. Growing up in Australia in the forest, she never got used to the cleanliness of the Netherlands. In this country where they cut down trees and plant in straight rows. She longs for her old wilderness. As a result, traces of nature and distance are always present in her work.

Joshua Snijders
In the fifth grade of secondary school during the various literature lessons of great teachers, Joshua (1999, ‘s-Hertogenbosch) saw how powerful and how beautiful stories (in whatever form) can be, and what their impact on the society can be. It was then that Joshua decided to write his first poem. He now calls himself a writer, poet, spoken word artist and presenter. After years of experimenting on open stages, Joshua has now performed on stages such as Woordlustig (Den Bosch), Cultuurfabriek (Leiden) and the 39Graden Festival (Breda). In September 2021, his debut collection Tears of a Caribbean was published by publisher Marcel Vaandrager.


30 November, 2021
8:00 am - 5:00 pm


TalentHub Inversie