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Residency Daniel Arthuus & Debbie Schoone (TalentHub Inversie)

10 August, 2020 - 23 August, 2020

Artists Daniel Arthuus and Debbie Schoone will be using the exhibition rooms of Kunstpodium T as research spot for a mini-residency from Monday 10 to Sunday 23 August. This is part of the TalentHub Inversie: a project initiated by Provincie Brabant and Kunstloc, carried out by  Kunstpodium T, TAC Eindhoven and Witte Rook Breda.

Kunstpodium T will not be open to the public these weeks. We kindly invite you to follow the process of Daniel and Debbie online and welcome you back to our exhibition Season Highlights from Friday 4 September onwards.


A reversal of the normal order. Inversie is a talenthub in Brabant for young, emerging artists. Not every practise follows the same path and not every art form is sellable. With the assistance of mentors, a large network and personal coaching Inversie aims to improve the profiling of six talents that receive support at setting up an independent artistic practise.

Inversie is a collaboration between TAC (Temporary Art Centre), Kunstpodium T and Witte Rook. During fifteen months, a mentor from each organisation will coach the talents. Via individual conversations, the mentors offer support in which they inject their own knowledge, network, facilities and production resources. The talent is central to all this. Together with the mentor, the artist makes their own developing plan, based on a baseline measurement being carried out by Kunstloc Brabant. This measurement gives insights into the development needs and chances of the talent in the fields of artistic quality, entrepreneurship and professional attitude. Together, we make sure that the set goals are met to develop a stronger position as professional artist.

The talent development program Inversie has the goal to guide talented young visual artists to an independent artistic practise. The first year after graduation are often deciding for the continuation of the artistic practise: not only artistically, but also related to network and visibility. The collaborating organisations share the notion that starting artists are in search of information about business aspects, but also how they feel artistically lost. Especially the artist that produces work that is less likely to sell is struggling with this.


Daniel Arthuus (1996) is a human, a Homo Sapiens. An animal species that has developed itself well in this world in terms of evolution. So well, that it is being said that the Homo Sapiens is killing the world with its lifestyle. Despite this, the species continues to grow, keeps developing itself and possibly becomes an interplanetary species.
Is this natural behaviour? And what is meant by ‘natural’? This is where Daniel’s work manifests itself: in the space between what makes us human and what humans think they are. To research this, Daniel works with analogue photographic processes and texts to creative fictional situations that question our perception about ourselves and outside us. He employs his alter ego, David Hoack, to play with ethical questions about how we should use nature. Daniel is also working on a new self-portrait for the Homo Sapiens in which we don’t see what we want to see, but what we want to avoid.


Debbie Schoone (1994) researches the influence of humans on the environment and our surroundings. As a researching image-maker, she primarily uses photography and focuses on aspects within large societal themes. Her fascination for innovation brings Debbie to places where usually access is denied.
The question if she is doing the right thing, is often the starting point for a project. Debbie researches her subject for a longer period, searching for answers and solutions. From different perspectives she creates her own interpretation of the subject and asks the viewer to do the same.

In July 2018 Debbie graduated from AKV|St. Joost te Breda. In her graduation work How to Farm a Fish she researched the influence of innovation on the sustainability of our world. She was nominated for the St. Joostpenning. In 2019 she receives the title New Talent by Belgrade Photo Month. Debbie’s work has a.o. been shown during Dutch Design Week and published in NRC and VORK.


10 August, 2020
23 August, 2020


TalentHub Inversie


Kunstpodium T Tilburg
Noordstraat 105
Tilburg, North-Brabant 5038 EH Nederland
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