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Day of the Young Artist 2019

16 September, 2019 @ 10:00 am - 6:00 pm

Day of the Young Artist returns in 2019 with its fifth edition. This day is entirely devoted to young talent and the developments in the art field. Young artists from all ages are invited this day to take a closer look at the contemporary artistic practise and discuss this with each other and several speakers and organisations.
Important: the entire day will be in English.

An independent curator puts together a special program that ties in with current matters every year, with inspiring speakers and art organisations. In 2019 curator Tim Roerig presents a program that follows the theme ‘Leaving the Studio’.

The increasing professionalization of artistic practice means that artists are spending more time outside of the studio, often engaging in activities that are marginal to art making. From giving artist talks to attending openings, non-artistic work has become central to artists’ practice. As visibility is increasingly dependent on mobility, artists move not only between roles, but also between different spheres of the art world, such as institutions, the art market, and online networks. The Day of the Young Artist 2019 explores how artists can situate and present themselves in the art world, and assert their agency within its structures.

The day will start with a performative lecture by artist and writer Brenda Tempelaar. The day starts with a performance lecture by the artist and writer Brenda Tempelaar. In the afternoon, you can attend three programs:

  • Circuits: Residencies, Markets, Networks: three panel discussions on the circuits of the art world with distinguished artists, curators, and critics.
  • Currents x DOTYA: photography and presentation workshops presented in collaboration with Z33 – Huis voor Actuele Kunst, Marres – Huis voor Hedendaagse Cultuur and the curators of Z33/Marres Currents #7;
  • Defining your Art Practice: presentations by art organisations, a portfolio workshop in collaboration with The Artist and the Others and a performance lecture by artist Tim Hollander.

Additionally, you can register for a 1ON1 meeting with different art professionals and organizations. Artist David Jablonowski will close the day with a lecture.

10.30 Doors open
11.00 Welcome by Martijn van Nieuwenhuyzen, Director of De Pont Museum
11.10 Opening remarks by Klaartje Esch, Managing Director of Kunstpodium T
11.20–11.50 The Investment Portfolio: Performance lecture by Brenda Tempelaar

‘Circuits: Residencies, Markets, Networks’
This part reflects on the importance of mobility for young artists and their work. How important is it to take part in international residencies and exhibitions? And in what ways can artists not only participate in the art world, but also question this? In three panel sessions (‘Residencies’, ‘Markets’, ‘Networks’), art professionals will discuss these and other questions with the audience. With contributions by Mariska van den Berg, Doris Boerman, Christophe Lemaitre, Jonas Lund, Alexander Mayhew, David Haack Monberg, Laurens Otto, Esther van Rosmalen and Heidi Vogels.

12.00–13.00 Circuits: Residencies. Panel discussion with Mariska van den Berg, Esther van Rosmalen and Heidi Vogels. Moderated by Marsha Simon
14.00–15.00 Circuits: Markets. Panel discussion with Christophe Lemaitre, Jonas Lund, and Alexander Mayhew. Moderated by Marsha Simon
15.30–16.30 Circuits: Networks. Panel discussion with Doris Boerman, David Haack Monberg and Laurens Otto. Moderated by Marsha Simon

‘Currents x DOTYA’
Together with Z33 – Huis voor Actuele Kunst, Marres – Huis voor Hedendaagse Cultuur and the curators of Currents #7, two workshops are being organised for young artists. In these, participants learn to photograph their work and improve their online visibility.
Every year, Z33 and Marres organise the program Currents, a group exhibition with work from recently graduated artists from Flanders (BE), Brussels (BE), North-Rhine Westphalia (DE) and South-Netherlands. 

Z33 – Huis voor Actuele Kunst in Hasselt (BE) makes projects, exhibitions, productions and publications from and with artists. Through visual art, architecture, design and film, social themes are being critically brought to the attention. Z33 pays special attention to talent development and for projects that stimulate new connections.
Marres, House for Contemporary Culture, is an internationally operating presentation platform, located in Maastricht (NL). The institution researches new developments in contemporary visual art and presents its findings to a broad audience by means of exhibitions, research programs, and public events. Besides this, Marres puts a lot of time and effort in young talents.

12.00–13.00 The Online and Offline Presence of Artists. Workshop by Julie Senden and Louis-Philippe Van Eeckhoutte
14.00–15.00 Photography workshop by Kristof Vrancken
Photography workshop by Kristof Vrancken

‘Defining your Art Practice’
How can young artists develop their practice and present this to the outside world? This part will contain presentations by art organisations, a portfolio workshop from The Artist and the Others and a performative lecture by artist Tim Hollander.

12.00–13.00 Presentations by Cultuur+Ondernemen, Fonds Kwadraat, Mondriaan Fund, and Platform BK
14.00–15.00 Portfolio workshop with Barbara Cueto, Melanie Deboutte, Patty Morgan and Hélène Webers. Presented by The Artist and the Others
15.30–16.30 Can You Hear Me? (Extended). Performance lecture by Tim Hollander

During this part of the program, young artists can go into one on one conversations with several cultural organisations and art professionals to discuss their questions. Organisations and professionals that will take part in these conversations are amongst others Cultuur+Ondernemen, DutchCulture | TransArtists, Fonds Kwadraat and The Artist and the Others.
These talks will take place during the regular program, so keep this in mind when planning your day. During the day itself, there is limited possibility for a last minute conversation. Want to be sure of a spot? Plan your day with your preferred party. Signing up can be done here! 

14.00–15.00 1ON1 conversations with Cultuur+Ondernemen, Fonds Kwadraat, Mondriaan Fund, and Platform BK
15.30–16.30 1ON1 conversations with ARTpart, DutchCulture|TransArtists, Kees de Boekhouder, and The Artist and the Others

16.40–17.00 Lecture by David Jablonowski
In his closing lecture, David Jablonowski will reflect on the social structures and events that inform his art practice. These include the post-industrial transformations of his native region of the Ruhr, the outbreak of the financial crisis at the time of his graduation from art school and Joseph Beuys’s concept of social sculpture (Soziale Plastik). For Beuys, social infrastructure could be considered as sculpture. Jablonowski’s recent work explores the sculptural qualities of the internet and asks if online communication might fit Beuys’s expanded concept of art (Erweiterter Kunstbegriff). In so doing, Jablonowski offers an original perspective on art’s place in society.

The day ends with an informal get together at PARK form 17.00 on, just a five minute walk from Museum De Pont. Everybody is welcome to join us for drinks and look back on this day. An excellent opportunity for speakers and visitors to have a drink and a chat. 

Be there! 
Tickets are for sale for only 15 euros through the link below. (For English – click the English flag at the bottom of the page.) Be quick – because tickets are not guaranteed to still be available on the day itself! Lunch is not included in the ticket: for 7 euros you can order a special lunch on the day itself (normal or vegetarian) or bring your own sandwiches.

Buy your ticket here!


16 September, 2019
10:00 am - 6:00 pm


Kunstpodium T | Apprentice Master
06 39 82 56 49


Museum de Pont
Wilhelminapark 1
Tilburg, Nederland
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