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Online: Being Alone Together Scores (pt. 1)

4 May, 2020 - 10 May, 2020

Apprentice Master exhibition #6: Being Alone Together Scores
Oscar Santillan (master)
Joep Caenen
Elina Hadjinicola
Melanie Maria
Roos Nieboer
Floor Snels

From 4 June onwards, beingalonetogetherscores.com is live! A month ago, artists Oscar Santillan, Joep Caenen, Elina Hadjinicola, Melanie Maria, Roos Nieboer and Floor Snels invited everyone to score and perform in order to create unity from a distance. Take your own score via their website to perform from your own home!
At the end of July, the group closes the series of online presentations of Apprentice Master 19/20.


This is BATS (Being Alone-Together Scores), a collaborative project in which individual gestures enact art as a vital part of life. We devise this social situation, by inviting people to be the core of the project.

Each of the five artists creates ‘Scores’, a direct appeal to active participation. The scores are simple instructions that may be experienced by whoever wishes to participate. We share our scores from their intimate circle to friends, acquaintances, opening up to a wider participation. The project aims at the experience and most of all socialization. Therefore, there can be no failed, unresolved, or boring participations, because all are equally essential to the task of revitalising the social bond. Intending to communicate, the person who is given a score can give theirs to another or multiple people to experience. The scores will have an online existence, nevertheless they are intended to be shared face-to-face when possible. Additionally, they will also be distributed online from the Score-Generator on the group’s website. An approachable amount of time to experience the activity should be about 30 minutes. Eventually, thoughts and reactions from the score may be shared between the participants, the artists and the public. Simple documentation of your experience is encouraged, like a photo, a writing, a short video, to help start a conversation. Documentation will not be shared on any social media platform without your desire of doing so, since we embrace the actual experience, disregarding making an action to just be exposed. 

By means of this exchange, we hope to activate among those joining us a spark beyond the passive ‘presenter-spectator’ relationship. We would like to interest people, to reduce the inhibitions, to relax you. We invite you kindly to participate. We want you to aim towards interaction with other people. We want to develop in a person a strength of perception and action. A person conscious of his power of action, yet confronted with mystifications, restrictions, the unknown, will however be able to make his own ‘revolution’ starting from themselves and likely, from a simple score for Being Alone Together. 

About the artists

Joep Caenen
Within my practise I Consider art as a raw potential for objects, people and moments to supersede their initial manifestation & intent. With artworks fulfilling the role of tools for us to play with, a product of an active endeavor, possessing an inherent quality to facilitate opportunity. I strive to create conditions in which we enter an open state of mind susceptible to the intangible and fleeting experience that is art.

Melanie Maria
Who is the individual and what is the collective? What do we share and how do we interfere? How do we perceive and how aware are we of our surroundings? Melanie Maria believes that we are all longing for an emotional connection with the other. By physical performance, the use of public space and human gestures; she invites the spectator to come closer.
Melanie Maria works in and with the moment. It depends on the situation, location and bodies how a performance develops into a ‘result’. Every artwork is a research, where she is trying to get a grip on our desire to make a connection with each other and our surroundings.

Roos Nieboer
A test to discover how you feel about a building, a prototype to write a letter to your grandmother or a voice-over that tells you how to move through a crowd unnoticed: different and often absurd ways to get a grip on reality. Roos Nieboer works with performance, text and textiles, and explores the question : can a general theory be found that we can apply to the world and how we should live in it?
By playing with the loose associations between word, image and meaning, she stimulates the imagination of the spectators.

Elina Hadjinicola
Elina’s artistic practice results in temporary, procedural configurations where materials develop uncanny lives of their own. Working with beeswax, she explores animals as producers of material culture and responds through the precarity of the material on issues as climate change. The material’s intrinsic properties and its chance to react on its environment, are setting it free on themselves. Wax is solid, but it may be easily liquified. As temporary and malleable is today the state of animals -and specifically the bees- under extinction, as temporary is wax.

Floor Snels
Floor Snels conducts research into social relationships within a certain community. She analyses hierarchies and responds with a form in which the individual and the collective are connected. The final form of her work conveys something about the social relationships within the situation in which it operates.


4 May, 2020
10 May, 2020
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