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Apprentice Master expo #2: Ground Control

20 February @ 8:00 pm - 15 March @ 9:00 pm

Apprentice Master exhibition #2
Ground Control

20 February 2020 – 15 March 2020
TAC, Eindhoven
Pim Palsgraaf (master)
Lotte Elzinga
Stan Gonera
Wesley Haex
Jasper Vonsée

The challenge, vulnerability and banality of traveling to Mars is a recurring theme in the music of David Bowie. Creative processes can also be experienced as a journey. Artists, guided by their fascinations, try to explore unknown territory. Sometimes this results in surprising discoveries, at other times ideas and efforts are lost like a tin can floating in space. 

Sailors fighting in the dance hall
Oh man! Look at those cavemen go
It’s the freakiest show
Take a look at the Lawman
Beating up the wrong guy
Oh man! Wonder if he’ll ever know
He’s in the best selling show
Is there life on Mars?      

– David Bowie

In the second exposition of the Apprentice Master season 2019/2020 apprentices Lotte Elzinga, Stan Gonera, Wesley Haex en Jasper Vonsée will hold the expo together with master Pim Palsgraaf. You are welcome to come and witness it on Thursday February 20th from 8pm till 11pm at TAC, Vonderweg 1 in Eindhoven. The expo will be shown till March 15th.

About the artists

Lotte Elzinga
The sculptures of Lotte Elzinga are the result of a seemingly chaotic and organic process. Although chaos and coincidence are key elements in her work, underneath lives a strong desire for order. Everything is carefully thought through. Lotte has an eye for the beauty of everyday materials that have lost their original purpose. To find them she regularly goes out “hunting” in the streets, collecting other people’s discarded materials. She transforms and combines them, creating sculptures that evoke alienation, admiration and wonder. She is mimicking the processes of nature, always evolving from the here and now. Keeping an open mind and increasingly allowing and trusting her intuition. And giving room to coincidence and ‘mistakes’ that open doors to new insights in her work. Her work consists of both sculptures and paintings that are carefully placed in a composition that is harmonious and a bit ‘off’ at the same time, searching for the perfect tension between the art and the exhibition space. Lotte is thriving on the unpredictability of the creative process in which the eternal cycle of creation, sustenance and destruction resonates.

Stan Gonera
Zeg ik niet […] apparently playfull and absurd

Wesley Haex
The works of Wesley Haex are a combination of expressionism, surrealism, abstract and outsider art. He focuses primarily on painting and tries to combine this with sculptures. In his practice we see that the color palette and the repeated printing techniques predominate. The concept within his work mainly involves experimenting with the self-portrait theme, to arrive at self-identification. He explores to what extent he can expose himself through the canvas or then hides himself behind it. He mainly investigates the question “What is a self-portrait?” and tries to express this in various ways in his practice. He experiments with the fact that a painting must be able to convey an experience to the viewer in order to take you into the bizarre world of the artist himself.

Pim Palsgraaf 
Pim Palsgraaf (1979) is inspired by decay and irregularities in the city. The discord between nature and urbanity are relevant topics and perspectives in meta-modernistic thinking. Palsgraaf’s work is a result of an ever-deepening investigation into the erosion of the inner city. Empty spaces – old corridors and ceilings that are about to collapse and where nature is stepping in to take over – nourish his fascination for this process.

Jasper Vonsée
Hijacking communication methods from inside the art canon and beyond, the presentations of Jasper Vonsée vary widely. Constantly utilising, but concurrently distrusting the power of make belief. His work concerning the unpopularity of our population, manifests itself in popular forms; ranging from classic mediums like oil painting and sculpture to advertising campaigns, parafictional writing and installations. Akrasia is described as a lack of self-control or the state of acting against one’s better judgment. How it is possible that, if one judges action A to be the best course of action, one would do anything other than A?


20 February @ 8:00 pm
15 March @ 9:00 pm
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